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New convert part five

Chapter four the summer.
Nick came home form college having no idea what was about to happen. He was not expecting anything. He was just coming home for a few weeks before he went to camp.
He felt something for Kelly. This started almost immediately.he enjoyed talking to her. She did not suspect that he felt this way.
Sense he returned ,he had talked to her quite frequently. He looked forward to the time he had spent with her. She liked to talk to him. She saw him differently then He saw her. He believed that She would one day be his wife. She did  Not  see any of this.
She Was not thinking that way. She did not see him as a potential husband.she was not thinking marriage . before she was saved she was happy to just engage in casual relationships. That has all changed now. Her focus was different now. All things had become new. She was not thinking any kind of relationship now. Later maybe but not now .
“So! This is your last Sunday?”Kelly asked.”yes! I am leaving tomorrow morning!” he said. “Are you excited about it?”she asked. “I am. The first week is all getting ready. The camper won’t arrive for another week .”he said.
“It is s teen camp?”she asked. “12 to 18!”he said. “Witch age groups do you leed?”she asked. “It changes from week to week. One week I will be in the kitchen. “He said.”I see. “She said .
After the service they Said there goodbyes. “I hope you have a good Sumer. You will be in my prayers!”she told him. “Thank you. I will be praying for you as well!”he told her. Then they separated.
He found he was going to miss her. He knew that he would see her again. It would not be that long . he knew that God would use this time apart. There was a reason for it.
The next day he got in his car and drove to the camp. It was a six house drive in another sate. He got there about the time He has planed.  It was a busy week. He had worked hard to get the camp up and running .
He had some time to himself on Saturday. He took out his cell phone and dialed Kelly’s phone. He was a bit apprehensive but called her any more. He took a breath as the phone rang.
Kelly did not really think about Nick throughout that week. He did feel his absence in the Wednesday night mid week. She found she missed him that day.
She had no idea that he was about to call.she picked

up the phone and turned it on. “Hello!”she said in a confused tone.

“Kelly?”Nick asked.”Nick? Hi! I did not know you had my number!”she said.
“I got it from the church directory. ”
He told her. “Oh!”she said. “Is that ok?”he asked.”yea that’s fine. Its just that I look hideous in that picture. “She said.
“I looked worse! ” Nick said.”I don’t know about that!”she told him.”I miss you!”he told her “really?’she said “yea I did. “He told her.
“How are things?”she asked.”good! Campers come tomorrow. “He said.”are you ready for them?”She asked.”I think so. I got the pree teens this week!” he told her.
“I see! “She said. “We have a really good staf this year. “He said.”that’s great. “She said
They talked for a while.”well I should probably go.I really wanted to call and see how you were doing.”he said.
“I am glad you did. It was good talking to you. Have a good week !” she told him. “Can I call you next Saturday?” he asked.
“If you want to?”she asked.”ok !I will talk to you then. Have a good week!”he said.”you too!”she said
She was surprised that He called.she was not expecting him to.
A week later,Kelly did not expect him to call. She dismissed what he was not that she doubted his integrity but she knew that he was busy . she believed what he  was doing was important.she was ok with him not.
Around the same time as he had the week earlier,the phone rang.she found she was excited. She was surprised by her reaction. “Hello!”she said.
“Hey kel! “Nick said over the phone.”you called?”she said. “I said I would. “He said.” I don’t want you to deal obligated !”she said .”no you misunderstand me. I want to talk to you. “He said .”oh ok!”she said.
“How was your week?”he asked. “Good! Work is going good. How was your week?”she asked.”good! I led a kid to the Lord this week.”he said.”awesome!”she said.
“I had been working with him all week. He got saved on Thursday.not a lot of time to despite him but I know a good church where he lives. I gave a head up to the youth pastor he is going to follow up. “He said.
“I am glad to hear that. “She said. “This week I have older teens.should be interesting. “He said.”you have kids from church and non church?’she asked.”yes.we get more church kids.we try to reach out to non church. Later thus Sumer we have a sports week that get more unchurched.we try to do both. We try to evangelize and equpt. We have to do two things at once. I think we need both. “He said.
“I agree. As someone who got saved In a church service I can see that. I think you can do both. “She said.
“I am really surprised you called me?”she remarked. “Why is that?”he asked.” well you are at a Christian camp with probably very spiritually minded people.they have given up there Sumer to serve. I assume that many are bible school students.yet you decide to call me. I don’t get it!”she said.
“I don’t know you well but your very tender to hearing God’s voice. You seek to please him. You have a longing to know more. I get the impreson that you are one hundred percent convinced of God’s goodness and want nothing to do with what you were!”he said.
That was true. Sense being saved her whole world view and methodology changed. She changed how s he thought.the only thing she really struggled with was smoking. All attempt to quit had been unsuccessful.
“Do you really believe that?’she asked.”of course I do. I would not have said it if I did not. “He replied.”I am not sure everyone at church ser it that way. When I first went to church I was very worldly.I thought acted and dresed like the world. Even after my conversion change in some areas was gradual. I think they still see me as the worldly girl.  “She said.
“Give it time. Don’t let it discourage you. Keep on seaking the Lord. Strive to be pleasing.”he said.
“How do you see me?”she asked.”I see you as someone who is growing.your Faith is defiantly not stagnant. “He said .
“I fail a lot. I don’t see it that way!”she told him.”there is always going to be push back. The old nature is not going to just go away. A righteous person falls seven times yet riseth again. He that has begun a good work in you is able to complete until the day of Christ. Sanctification is a process. “He said.
“Why I can’t just wake up sprituel and that be the end if it?” she asked.”I would love it. It dat we will be like him. Until that say we have to strive to be more like him. Sometimes it takes baby steps. Smal steps in the right direction. “He told her.
They talked for a while. “I should be going .”he said.”I am glad you called. It was good talking to you. “She said.”same hear. Don’t Give up ok?”he said. “I won’t!”she said.”I miss you!”he said.”I miss you !” she said.
He called the next week. He called the next. The week after that she got excited to hear from him. The time he usually called came and nothing. She checked her phone to make sure the phone was on and was. The ringer was on. His ring tone was the halujuh chorus but she had not told him that.
There was nothing. Why was he not calling. Had she done something.had he met someone he would rather talk to. She decided not to go down this road.
She went outside and had s cigarette. As she was smoking the phone rang. She answered it.”hi!”she said.
“Sory I’m late. “He said “it’s ok. “She said. The early part of the phone call was awkward. It did not go well.Kelly wanted it to be over.she never felt that way.
“Look I am Sory about being late.I can tell that you are a little upset!”he said.”I am probably not in the right on that.”she said “no I understand. I don’t think it is iligitimeate. “He said.
“I look forward to our talks. I love your dad and the church. It is nice to talk to someone who sees me as an eaquil. You talk to me like you would talk to anyone else. I don’t want to lose have become a close friend. I hope you see me that way?”she said.”I do. “He said.
“I am not mad just a little upset. I will get over it!”she said.”I understand !” I am Sory. I hope I can ‘re earn your trust. “He said.
“Its ok. I am a bit upset.I will be ok. Thank you. “She said.
The next week things were back to the way they we’re. They were in a good relations again.
End of chapter four.
I did not mean to make Nick out to be a perfect Angel. He is a sinner saved by Grace.