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Word from the Lord part thre

Katie could not understand why she was so reluctant . on this issue he appeared almost hard hearted.she wanted to breach his shields. She had to convince him to let her in. She would have to get him to trust her. It would take time and effort.
They both had classes that day. He had clases at ten and she had clases at ten thirty. Both of there clases went most of the afternoon.he drove right from the coffee shop to The college. She briefly went home then went to class.
Katie went to her classroom. She sat next to het friend jacki and Debbie. “You look really happy?”Debbie said. “Yes I gues I am!”she replied. “Anything you would like to tell us?”jacki asked.
“Not just yet. “Katie answered. They laughed. Then murcifly for Katie,the professor started the class. This gave her a reprieve from the interrogation.
Derek tried to catch his breath before class. He tried to destressify. He was really confused.he had disposed her claim. He told himself that. He tried to get clerity before classes began.that did not happen.
Derek was able to stay stoic. He dis not arose himself with his friends.he was not ready to answer questions. He was usually fairly stoic.he was just not s bubbly person. He Was not overly excited about the prospect of his potential relationship but was nit taciturn. He was just him.he was a private person.
He rairly drew attention to himself.if he ever got really elicited it would be noticed. His mind started to wonder. He stoped and tried yo focus. He tried to turn everything else off. He was successful. He got a lot out of class.
  Both of them were finished with classes by four thirty. Derek went right from classes to home. She decided to stay at the campus for a bit. She did some research at the campus. She had super In the cafeteria. After dinner she did more studying in the library until seven.
She decided that she needed a break. She needed to unwind.she decided to stop by the parsnege and see if Derek was home. If he was,she might stop by and say hi. She hoped that he would not mind if she just showed up out of the blue. She figured he would get over it if he did object.
She drove by and saw him playing basketball. She lit up. She did believe that They were literily made for each other. Her view had been strathened. She wrote in her fiery that She had developed an awe for him.she wrote that She did not want to lose that.
Derek left classes and had super with his family. After dinner he studied for a bit. He decided to take a break and unwind. Basketball was a means of destrestification for Derek. He had gotten so wrapped up in the game that he did not know that her car had arrived. She walked to him but did not say anything right away but waited for him to notice her.
He made a schot. It went in. He realized that some one was there. He turned around to see who it was. He was surprised to see that it was Katie. “Hi! I had no idea you were hear!”Derek said. “I was ready to do something other then studying. I decided to drive by and see if you are home!”Derek said.
“Want to play?”he asked.”sure!”she answered. They played several rounds. Neither one kept score. They both were having a lot of fun. They enjoyed each other’s company. There was no pressure.just fun between fiends.
  “Whose is with Derek?”Derek younger brother Craig asked. There parents looked out the window. They did not recognize her. “Its not anyone from the college.”his eleven year old sister Rebecca said.
Derek’s family were very close. They all got along. Keeping secrets within the family was not easy. His parents were curious. All eight kids were distinctly different. They believed that God would use there differences for his glory. Derek was quiet and private. They did not want to pry but did wonder who she was.
His parents went outside and walked to where the two were playing. “Hi mom and dad.”Derek exclaimed. Derek was really nervous. He felt Like a kid getting caught getting into mom’s cookie jar.he did not think that he was doing anything wrong but he was not quite ready to tell his parents about Katie. He was not quite sure what to tell them at this point.were they friends? Were they more then that? Was she his future wife?
“This is Katie leonared.this is my parents pastor and Mrs Carlson. “Derek said. “Its good to meet you.”Katie said. “It’s good to meet you “Anna Carlson said.”I am sorry to just show up unonounced. “Katie said.
“So Derek has never mentioned you. We know most of His friends. How did you two met?”Mrs Carlson asked.Derek was not ready to tell them. He was not sure if he ever be. “I met her at Tom’s church!”he told them.
They were very surprised by this declaration. “Your Pentecostal?”his mom asked. “Yes I am. I am originally out of sate. I am attending sprit of fire university.I am living hear during thes school season.”she said.”you met at the service last Saturday?”his dad asked. “Yes we did. ” Derek said. “I see!”pastor Carlson said.
“I want to assure you that I have intention of trying to turn Derek into a penticoastal. I respect his views. I respect him. I respect you as well” she said.”I assume you believe in speaking in tounges. “The pastor asked. “Yes I do.”she said ” I appreciate your honesty. ” the pastor said.
“It is important for me to be honest. I love the Lord and want to serve him. I know Derek does as well.”Katie said.
“Well we will let you two get back to The game. Go easy on her Derek!”his dad said. “It was good to meet you. “Katie said. The parents went inside. They got back to playing. “I’m sorry . I don’t want to embarias you.I don’t want to draw attention to myself. Mayby I should not have come!” Katie said.
“No I’m glad your hear. “He said.”really?”she said. “I was lonely .I wanted to see you!”she said. “It is good to see you.”he said in response.
“Do you have clashes tomorrow?”she asked. “Yes. Eight to 11:30 then two to five. Then mid week service tonight.”he said. “Buisy want to get together for lunch? The cafeteria at Sprint of fire is legendary. “She said. “I would love to. You sure the building will hold up when I arrive?”he asked.
“The buildings structural intrwgrery is sound. I’m not worried. “She said “it’s a date or just a dinner. “He said. “Too late. You already called it a date . no take back.”she said.
“Is that a real rule?” he asked .”yes it is. “She said. “It was a slip of The tounge. “He said. “If it will make you feel better,we don’t have to call it a date. I am going to think if it as a date but you don’t have to!” she said.”ok!”hr said.
They played for a bit. After a while they decided that it was time to call it a night. “I’m really glad you stoped by .I mean it ” he told her.”I am glad I did too. Have a good night!”she said. “You too!”he said. He watched her drive off. He went inside. He knew he had some explaining to do.
He went to the living room. “I can explaine Mayby.”he said. “Do you like her?”his mom asked.”I am not sure yet . well I like her I am just not sure if I like her.”he said.
End of part three.
Sorry to end it so abruptly. I have stufs to Do abd I really wanted to post this . lot of fun to write.


Word from the Lord part two

In the couple days sence the infamous Saturday, he went to his church ,worked and attended classes. He focused on what he was doing. Monday night he let himsf think. He decided to ask her out for coffee. What harm would it do? . it was one date. Mayby she had moved on. Mayby she lost interest.
He could not believe he was really doing this. He picked up his cell phone. He had her on his contact list. He started at it for a few seconds. He almost pushed the call button. He stoped. After a while he pressed the button. He was committed now.
The phone started to rig. It felt like time had stoped. He started to get really nervous. He considered hanging up. Then she answered.a soft voice on the other end chimed in. “Hello!”she said. “Katie !”Derek said. “Hi Derek!”she said.
When Katie first got the mesege from the Lord about Derek,she was shocked but was also excited. She just accepted it. She asked no questiones.
She did not understand why Derek reacted the way he did. She did no waver in that conviction. She gave him her number in order to put it in her court. She wished she had gotten his number. She felt he should decide how to proceed. By the time he did call,she had given up.
“Can we get to gather tomorrow for coffee. If you drink coffee?”he asked. “Yea that would be great. ” she answered. “Do you meet me st all’s coffee shop around 8:30?”he asked .”yea that’s works for me!”sher replied.
“Great.I will see you then. “He told her. “I look forward to it. “She declared. “Me too !”he said.then the phone call ended .
He could not believe that he had just done that. This was not like him. It was sureel. He could not believe that he had just called a complete stranger and arranged a date. He considered calling back and canceling. He decided not to do that. He wanted to give this s chance.
He tried to remane calm. He tried not to obsess over it. He tried to overplan for it. The next morning he woke up and got ready to go.
He drove to the cofe shop. He was not sure what she had for a car. He saw a car that had a klove bumper sticker and other Christian bumper sticker.he figured it was her.he parked next to her.
He excited his car. He went inside.he saw her. She wore a pink t shirt with a green skirt and flip flops. He walked towards her. She turned around abd saw him.there eyes met and they both smiled back.
She feared that he would stand her up. She feared he might get too nervous. Hear he was. She got up.”hi!”she said. “Hi!”he said.they Sat down.
“I was afraid I scared her off!”she said.” I was certenty taken aback. I never expected that. ” he answered.she laughed.
“So do you stil think that God wants us to be a couple?”he asked. “Absolutely! “She reaplied.
“I would be remis if I did not bring up the fact that as a I.f.b ,I. Want to start churches in that mode .I feel strongly that the gits of lounges abd prophecy have ceased. ” he said.
“I know that. “She said. “I can’t see myself changing those views . in the remote chance I altered that view ,I do not believe that I would permit it during a service. ” he said. ” I appreciate your honesty. I figured that that was the case. My purpose was not to turn you Pentecostal. I do not believe this to be from me. The fact we are hear is a confirmation. “She responded.
“I would think you would perfect that I did embrace the Pentecostal view on tounges!”he remarked. “To be honest,yes I would perfer it. I sm no illusion that you will become a Pentecostal. It is not a deal breaker.I do feel strongly about my views on tongues. I do not see myself altering my views. Having Said that, I respect your views . I would never undermine you. I would practice tounges in private .”she told him.
“That’s fine. I would be asking a lot if you. There is no denying that. I am not unsyimphetic of that. I know both sides feel very strongly on this . I am surprise that you are even considering that. “He said.
“Ordinarily I probably would not. I am totally certain that you and I are supposed to be together. I gues I believe there is a plan to all of this. I don’t get all of it but I trust his plan. “She said.
“How can you be so confident? “He asked .”I just am. I have a peace about it. “She said. “What if your wrong ?”he asked. “I admit if I was wrong it would be a huge risk. My belief have only grown sense I received it. “She answered.
“You are taking a big risk. I feel very strongly about my views. I believe that they are in accordance with God’s word. I realize that you take your views seriously. I fear that you will be discounted. ” he said.
“Any Christian wife takes a risk. All I ask is that you submit to Christ. If you do that, I believe the rest will short itself out. ” she said.
“That is important to me.I take the role of a husband very seriously. ” he said. “I sense that. “She said. “It won’t be easy. I think I will it be harder on you. I fear that you will not be fully prepared for this. ” he said.”I may not be!  She said.
“I.v.b can come off as strict. We are conservative on a lot if things. Do you know much about us?”he asked. “Sence Saturday I did some research.your not landmark are you?” she asked.
“No I am not landmark. I keen towards the principal view. I believe that Baptist principles have exciated in some form sence before the reformation. I don’t believe that Baptist are protestants per say. In fact proto Baptist were persecuted by protestants over baptism by Emerson. No I do not hold to landmark theology. “He said.
“You don’t see yourself as a protestant. “She commented. “No I don’t. We are closer to protestants but different . “he said. “Are you king James only?”she asked. “I am not king James only. I don’t use any version other then king James for the most part. I perfer the text used in king James over the nestle text.” he said.
“You singo only. The hyims?”she asked. “Yes. We don’t believe that ccm is aceptible. ” he said. “I figured. I am in my church worship team. I listen to ccm. “She said .”I know I saw your bumper sticker. “He said. “I understand if you start a church you will confine singing to hyms . I hope that you will let me listen to k love when your not around. “She said. “That would be fair. “He said.
” we’ll I don’t want this to sound like a job intervue but I believe that I have a lot to offer. I believe I have gifts and abilities that would compliment being a pastors wife. I believe I can be a good partner. I have been told I have the gift of encouragement. I play the piano. I am good at peanut butter chocolate cake is legendary!”she said. “You make chicken said?” he asked. “I do. I will make it for you sometime. I go easy on celery. ” she said. “I look forward to it. ” he said.
“I really think I have the skill set needed to be a good pastors wife. “She said. “I could see that. In the short time I have known you, I can definitely see qualities that are needed in a pastors wife.  ” he said.she smiled.
“You want to start new churches?”she asked. “My dad had started three. He has only padtored churches he started. I would like to do the same. “He said. “My farther is a pastor. In our denomination the pastor go where they are sent. “She said.
“It can be a long process. Weeks of no one coming. Lots of turnovers. There are ups and down especially at the beginning.”he said. “Understandible. “He said. “Sucess is not assured. Failure is a possibility. ” he said. “Of course “he said.
After they finished, he walked her to his car.  “Are you oppen to the posibity that this is from the Lord?'”she asked. “I am not sure yet. “He answered. “Ok “she said.
“Not what you wanted to hear?” he asked. ”  no but it’s ok. I can be patient. ” She said. ” I feel I have to be caucious. I have to go slow. ” he told her. “I know. I am in a different place then you. Your still wondering if this could be Gods will. I have answered that questione in my mind. My starting point in that it is ,yours is is it? I am ready to start planing our future. Your still wondering if we have one. It is hard for me. “She said.
“I had a good time today. I am looking forward to getting to know you. ” he said. “I know that you are a  sinner. I am going to fail you.I am going to disipoint you. I believe that you and I will be good to gather. Give us a chance. Give me a chance ” She said. They said there goodbyes. They got In there cars and went there separate ways for now.
End of part two.

Word from the lord

Derek Carlson was a pastor’s son. His farther was the founding pastor of an independent fundamental Baptist church. Derek wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and start a church like his farther had. He attended a nearby bible college.
He was the third oldest of eight children. There were four boys and four girls. The oldest was thirty two,the youngest was a few mounth old. His oldest brother was a teacher at an I.f.b college. The second oldest,Tom,had become a Pentecostal.
Tom was very active at a local Pentecostal church.Derek was very loyal to independent Baptist movement. Tom would never try to change that. He did want him to visit. The church had a service on Saturday night. He kept trying to get him to attend one service.finally Derek relented and agreed to come.
Derek had tried to avoid going. He was not afraid that he was going to become a penticostalsm.
The service was prety Mich what he expected. There was a worship team. Derek was not a big fan of contemporary Christian music. He prrfrred old hyims. He tried to muddle though the music phase of the service.
The preaching was prery good he thought. It was biblically biased. It was not as good as messages I’m his dad or faculty members of his college but it would do.
The service was concluded. He felt like he fulfilled his brotherly duty . he got up and headed out. He walked to the egress. A young lady in her early twenties walked to his location. She wore a green sweater,gray skirt and flip flops. He figured that she was just walking to the halfway. He did not think much of it. “Hello”she said. “Hi”he answered. He figured that she was just being friendly.
“The Lord wanted me to tell you that I have your rib. “The young lady told him.Derek was really confused. “Excuse me?”he asked. “He was really puzzled.”I have your rib. The Lord created me to be your wife! The Lord told me to tell you that. “She told him.
He had no idea how to respond to that. He never expected that to occur. He was totally shocked. Penticostal were known for advocating for and engaged in speaking in tounges. They also believed in prothetic words. They believed God imparted wisdom to someone though some one else. Many I.f.b along with Manny evangelical Baptist believed that tounges and prophec ceased as gift of the holy sprit upon completion of the scriptures. This was a every awkward situation.
“I am not sure that I am the right person for this message. “He told her. She was very confused by his response. “No this message was definitely for you. In am certain if that.”she said. He had no idea what to say.
He knew that they took things like this very seriously. Hw did not to be rude. He tried to handle it I. A tactful manner. “Oh I am not Pentecostal. “He declared.” oh your not?”she asked. She was surprised. “No I am just visiting . my brother abd His family attend. “He said.
“The holy sprit is insisting that this message was from him. My Sprint is confirming that you are the intended rececient of this message.”she told him.
“I have no idea what to say. “He said. “A com on response is I receive it. “She said.he surmised if he said that he received it,He was giving credence to the whole notion of prophetic words. Not only that he would he admitting that he believed that She was to be his wife. He thought she was sweet but they had literily just met.
It was impossible for him to know if the Lord had willed for them to be married. He only knew her for a few seconds. He had no idea what to do or say now.
Later on they would laugh about this. It was awkward at the time. It would later become a found memory. Some time she commented that he must thought she was a real but job. “Now I know it’s true!”he said. She poked him gently.they both laughed.
“You seam really sweet. I just have trouble believing that you received an actual word from the Lord regarding us. I tend not to believe in words from the Lord”he said. Her continence just fell.She had a lock of Schock.she seemed to go to complete sadness.
He could see her reaction. He just met her but he could not help be effected by It. He could tell that his words made her sad. A part of him wanted to give her a hug. “So your not a Pentecostal?”she asked. “No I am not. “He answered.
What church do you attend?”she asked. “Gospel Baptist church.”he answered. “Oh. Your church is known for being a little bit in the strict side? No worship team,king James only. Women can’t wate pants. You only associate with other independent fundamental Baptist churches correct?”she said.
“That is a bit of an oversinplicwtion but basically yes. We sing from a him book. We almost exclusively use the king James . our ladies do ware skirt or dresses. We do separate from churches that engage in activities we believe that are not biblical. ” he said.
“I know some Baptist but not I.f.b!” she said. “He thought that maybe his being I.f.b might convince her that he was not a suitable match for her. As hard as he tried, It did not seam to work. She seamed to have a. Answer for all of his arguments.
“We come off as strict. We take holiness seriously.we can come off as prudes. We want to please the Lord. We believe that it is best”he told her.
“So are you in college?”she asked. “Yes I am attending bible believing Baptist college. I want to start new churches. My dad is mentoring me. He keeps me pretty involved in the ministry of the church. “He said.
“I am attending sprit filed bible college. “She said.”I have heard of it!”he answered.”you don’t approve?”she asked.
He wondered if maybe this might convince her that this was not a good idea. He was not convicted that was literally a match made in heaven.
“There are things that they teach that I would have issues with. They tend a larger emphises on emotion then I would be comfortable With.” he said.
“Emotion cannot be the sum total of being sprit filled. You cannot exclude it. God did create emotions.”she told him.
“True but God is a God of order. Any worship or expression of the holy sprit should reflect that order.first Corinthians 14 :40 says “let all things be Done indecency and in order.” he said
“God made us to be emotional ,sprituel and. Interlecual.we are to worship In sprit and in truth. He wants us to use all our faculties to worship him. “She said.”you must see that some Pentecostal go overbored?”He remarked. “Yes but Baptist go overbored in the other direction. “She said . “perhaps” he said.
He realized that He had talked to her for quite a bit. He had engaged with her a lot. He had been trying to talk her out of her notion. “Well I should I be going. It was nice to meet you. I am sort that I am not the person your looking for. I am sure you wl make someone quite happy. ” he told her. He started to walk off.
“Wait!”she said” he stoped and came back. “I just realized I never got your name?”She said. “I’m Derek. “He answered. “I’m Katie. “He Said. “If you did not know my name Then how can I be the right person? “He said. “I know your the right person. I am sure of it. “She said. “Talking to me has not changed your mind?”He asked. “No it has not!”she said.
“I have not been on a date in quite some time. When I do,I bour them. I have put my energies in to school work. I get good grades but I have to work at it. “He said. “I am not bored yet.”she said. “Not that this us a date?”He Said. “No of course not.”he said.
“You get flustered easily?”he said.”this has never happened to me before.”He said. “Meeting your future wife?”she asked. “I don’t see that happening. I really should be going. “He said.
He started walking off again. “Wait!”She said. He stoped. “I want to give you my phone number.”she told him.”I don’t think that is a good idea. “He said. ” I want you to have it you don’t have tk use it. ” she told him. She wrote down the note and he did take it.
He walked out. “Do You know her?”Tom asked. “No . it’s a long story. “He told her. “You two seam to have a report. “Tom commented.”it’s nothing. ” Derek said. “Ok.” the brother said.
Derek walked to her car. He drove right to his house.his car radio played a CD of instrumental hyims. He turned off the car.he went inside. He stil lived with his parents. He went inside. “How was the pentucoastal church?” his farther asked. “It was about what I expected. The surmon was prety good.I just don’t like the atmosphere. ” he said.
He went outside and sat on the steps. He tried to process everything. None of it made any sense. Every time he tried to out it out if his mind,it came back. He could not get the image of them mysterious girl out of his mind.
He had wanted to be married first while. He did not believe he was called to be single. He has been on a few dates but he none of them felt right. He was determined to wait for God’s timing. He believed that God had some one in mind for him. He did not want to rush the Lord.
  It had not been easy waiting. He had a peace about it. Perhaps that peace had become complacency. He had always assumed that she would be I.f.b. he. Figured he would meet her at church or college. That was a responsible conclusion .
When Katie came out of the blue,he dismissed it. It was proper to be sceptical. He reacted to it as being so far fetched.
He had not even considered it to be true. He was determined to forget about it. He wanted it out of his mind. He wanted to forget it ever happen.
He could not get it out of his mi drove him crazy. He would not even consider that she could be his future wife. He did not believe He could even go on a date with het without legitimizing that prediction. He wanted to get to know her. He wanted to give Her s chance. She was very plesent. His brief encounter had peeked his interest. He found he was actualy considering dating her.
End of part one.