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Aranged mariege part three 

Jenny and James arived at the cabin. They unpacked then sat down on the couch.neither one knew what to say. They tried but could not get the words out. They sat in silence for a little bit. ” This is awkward!”he said. “It really is. “She said.”think we will unable to talk to each other?”she asked. “I hope not. I guess we will have to work on it. It may take time. “He said. “It may.”she said.

“I guess I was not what you expected.”she remarked.”no your not.i suppose I am not what you exoected?”he asked.”not really? “She said.”did you expect me to be passive? “He asked.”no but Manny united Methodist pastors husband’s are. I don’t really know why?”she said in a tounge in cheek fasson.he laughed then she laughed. Neither one expected that. He began to suspect that she was very playful. He found even then his heart was slowly starting to melt. 

“Yes I did expect that you would be a united Methodist or at least a Methodist. Did you expect me to be independent fundimental Baptist and not an ordained minister?”she asked. “I did expect you to be I.f.b and not a minister.”he said.”you wanted a demure women who would not think for herself?”she asked.”no I don’t want someone who is demure.i am open to different idea. I don’t expect you to agree with me all the time. I welcome alternative suggestions. I know I am not always right. I am a sinner saved by grace. I know I am not infallible. I believe I am called to be a leader. A servent leader. I take the servent part very seriously!”he told her. 

“Are you commited to this?”she asked.he looked into her eyes. He took her hand and squzed it. “Yes I am commited to you. I made a promise to the Lord and to your Perents and to you. I take that serious. I know what to make rash vows. I believe that the Lord brought us together. I trust him. I believe that the Lord brought us together. I don’t understand it. I also believe that he wants me to live up to those vows.the Bible is clear not to make rash vows. I want to do this. Yes I am committed. Are you commited to this?”he asked.

She smilled. “Yes I am. I am nervous. This is now quite what I expected but yes I am commited to this and to you.”she said. “What are you nervous about?”he asked. ” Nervous that I will never meet your expectations. I guess I am nervous that you will ashamed of me. I fear you will never accept me. I fear that you will never respect me. I fear that we won’t ever really connect. “She said. 

“There is no denying that we are both out of our comfort zone. This is not at all what either of us expected. ” He said. “That is very true . ” She said. “We will have to work at this. I expect it will take hard work. Perhaps harder then we ever expected. ” He said. “Yea I am beginning to see that. They say the best marieges are the ones that take work. The ones that both sides are committed to making it work no matter what. What destroy us instead make our relationship stronger. Perhaps that can happen with us. Perhaps it will. I definitely hope so. “She said. 

He started to see that there were two  side of Jenny. Two complete wholes. One was the strong Jenny. The leader,the administrator. The alpha,the go getter. The anilitical stoic at times. Then there was the other Jenny. This was a softer more emotional person. A person who was very sensitive. Fragile perhaps. Both sides were all hear. She was both of these personalities.botg of these gestalts if you will.he saw her at first as only the minister Jenn not the personal Jenn. He started to see that side of her. She was starting to let him see that side of her. It was part intentional and part unintentional. 

“I am out of my comfort zone. I did expect you to be I.f.b. I did not expect you to be demure but I expected we would have the same experiences. We will have the same same starting point as far as core values. “He said.”I know exactly what you we are not even sure where our starting point is.”she said”yes I can definitely see that. “He said. “The early days will be hard. They could also be the most important. It could be worse. I could be ucc or unitarian . ” She said. “Very true! ” He said. They both laughed. 

“So  according to Wikipedia,united Methodist is both mainline and evengelical?” He asked. “Yes. I guess we are slightly towards the liberal end of evengelical. We are still evengelical I would say. So independent fundimental Baptist don’t consider themselves prostistent? “She asked.”there is differences of opinion of that. I personally believe in a principial view of Baptist history.i believe that a Baptist principle had excited back to the early church. I don’t believe in landmark view that is almost a Baptist succession form peater. I don’t believe that Baptist are prostistent. In fact Baptist were under instence persicution commonly over the baptism isue.”he said. 

“You like church history? “She asked. “I do. Baptist history is an interest in particular.mostly because it is not that well known even by fellow Baptist. It plays into Baptist theology as well. Do you like church history?”he asked.”very much so. I like history overall. I was interested in church history before college but college grew that passion definitely.”she said. 

“So, do you believe in diety of Christ?” He asked. “Yes I do.” She said. ” Salvation by faith alone?” He asked. “I do believe that salvation is by faith alone apart from works. ” She said. ” Is there salvific truth in other religions?”he asked. ,”You had to ask that one? No I do not believe that there is salvific truth in other religions. “She said. “Few! Is the Bible literal?”he asked. “Yes .I do believe that the Bible is literal. I believe that it is the word of God cover to cover!”she said. “Just not the part about pastors being males.!”he said! “I should have known that you would go there. First Timothy does mention male pastors or elders but there is no command that a pastor must be male. The husband of one wife is an example not a command.”she declared.”um I don’t know about that! I think it is clear form the text that leadership in the church is to be male. “He said “to answer your questions yes I do take the Bible literily.”she said. ” I take it you listen to contemporary Christian music.”he remarked. “I do! K love is my favorite radio station. I listen to secular music as well. I take it you are hyms only?”she asked. “I am.i don’t listen to ccm. “He said. “I assume you don’t watch TV?”she asked! “No I assume you do?”he asked.”I do . I love Star trek and crime dramas.”she said. Star trek? A nerd as well?”he asked.”I bit. I like sports as well. I was captian of the seminary volley ball team.i take it you were probably captian of the debate team?”she asked.”pretty much. I was on the Bible college soft ball game but it was intermural.i love sports but I should definitely not give up my day job.”he said. They both laughed. 

They both made each other laugh. Even though they were taken a back by each other,they were very playful. They seam to enjoy being in each other’s company. Despite there differences,they were starting to become closer. That was becoming more and more clear . 

“What do you want me to be like?”she asks.”well I don’t want to change you. I want to get to know you. I am not trying to transform you into a clone of me. I am not turn you into me .What is the phrase resistnce is futile?I am not like that. I really not that strict. I am but I am easy going as well. “He said. “OK you do upright but I think I can work with you?”she said in a joking Mannie.”you really think I’m upright?”he asked.”slightly but not too rigid. “She told him. They laughed. 

He hugged her. She held on to him. He put his arm around her. They both knew it was not going to be easy. They were both wiling to give it a chance. After a while they decided to call it a night. It had been a long day. They were both exchausted. They both fell asleep. 

The next morning he woke up. He was bright at first. After a few minutes if just sitting in bed,he got to the point that he was not going to fall back asleep. He started to get up.”what are you doing?”she askd. ” I was going to put the cofee on!” He said. ” What time is it? ” She asked. “A little after seven.” He said. ” Oh OK!  Please tell me your not like John Wesley?”she remarked. You need if I wake up at four am I feel like my faith is slipping? No I am not. “He said.”,glad to hear it.” She said. “You drink coffee ?”he askd. “I do.”she said. 

He kissed her cheek. He went to the small kitchen area.he out wetter into the pot. He out in the cofee and turned it on. She came into the small kitchen.she was still a bit groggy. “Good morning hunnie! “He said. “Morning . Not sure if it is good.”she said. He hugged her.”not a morning person?”he askd.”not at all. “She said. “I suspected as much!”he said.  ” Your not a morning person are you?” She asked. ” I think I am not of a morning person then you are.i do enjoy sleeping in. “He Said. “That is good.”,she said.

“,So what is on the agenda today?”she asked. “I figured we would have a simple breakfast. Muffins. Church starts at ten. We are not going to do a lot of jumping and dicing but a little bit.tomrow will be a little more laid back.i know this is our hunnie moon.”he said.” I figure we are going to a Fundy church?”she askd. “Yes.”he said.”OK! I will give it a chance!,”she Said. They had a light breakfast then got ready to go. 

End of part three 


Word form the Lord part 14

The satterday that katie met Derrek, it seemed like an ordinary day. Before the church service,it seemed like a normal day. There were no signs that anything earth shattering was going to happen.rarely are there when these things happen. The service had been pretty normal. It was a good service but normal. That changed extremely rapidly. 

After the service ended,she saw Derrek. Something was stired up in her. She felt prompted to go talk to him. She ignore it at first. She came to believe that she had to do this. She went over to him.the rest is history. 

It did not go quite as she though it would. She never expected him to be reluctant. She expected him to say. I receive it . Then they would walk out hand in hand and live happily ever after. That was not how it happened. Not at all. He seemed to fight it tooth and nail. She never thought he would be an independent fundimental Baptist. 

She wounded if maybe she had got it wrong. She did not tell her Perents or anyone else at first except for Derrek of course.for a while nothing. And of it. Then he called her. 

She did eventually tell her Perents. “How are things going?”,her mom asked.”going good. “Kaitlin said.” She filled them in on school and church. They suspected she was holding something back. “Anything else going on?”her farther asked. ” I met someone! “She said.” We thought so ! “Her mom said. ” He is Baptist!”she said.”,oh!” Her dad said. “He is a really good guy. He loves the Lord. He appears to have a strong and vibrant faith. “She said.”how did you meet?” Her mom asked.” At church.his brother is a member of the church i go to.the Holly sprit told me to go talk to him. I know it sounds odd.”she told them.

“I am happy for you. I hope to meet him soon.”he said.her farther own sprit confirmed that there relationship was of the Lord. They would accept it. It was difficult for them to see there daughter growing up. They knew that it was bound to happen. 

Katiehadno idea that he was had asked her father permission to date her. She had no idea what he was planing. They had been growing closer a d closer together. Derrek was going crazy waiting before Christmast. He wanted this to be a kind of Christmas present to her. He waited. 

Thanksgiving came and went. Thanksgiving time was morphing into Christmas. The weather was getting colder. The end of the fall semester was at hand. There were papers to turn in and exams to take. Derrek and Katie were quite busy. They did not get to see each other as much as they would like. Katie continued to attend his church on Sunday night and Wednesday night. 

Rob,Nancy and there kids had flown back to the west coast. Thanks giving was becoming a distention memory. Derrek went to a jelwery store and found a heart pendent he really liked. He got it for her for Christmas. He would include the note with the present. He only wished that he could see her old. It. She was planing on going home for Christmas. He was happy for her .He knew that she was homesick. She was sad that she could not get home for Thanksgiving. He was not looking forward to two weeks without her. He knew that she wanted to go home for Christmas. In her place,she would to go home and See his family. It was still hard. Things had really changed between the two. 

Derrek had been reluctant to have her come to Thanksgiving. He really enjoyed seeing her interact with her family. He started to fully embrace the idea of them as a couple. He had gotten her father’s permission to formerly date her. H was not looking forward I being away form her for that long. This was there first Christmas. 

Derrek had wanted to spend lot of time with her before she left . With exams that was just not possible. Between school,church activities including Christmast programs perades and nursing home visation at such they were both busy.  Despite there busy  activities,they both got high marks on exams and papers. It came with a price. It forced them to certail there social life. 

“My flight leaves Friday morning at 7:00. I hate to ask. I know your not a morning person but can you drive me to the airport?”she asked.” Of course I will. I was wondering why you had not asked me sooner.”Derrek said. “You have been pretty busy with school and church . I just figured that you might not want another thing on your plate. Epsecialy so early in the morning. “She remarked. ” Kaetels I really want to drive you to the airport. To be honest that was my plan. All along. I was beginning to think that you were not going to ask me. I am not going to see you for two weeks. This will give us time to speak together before you abandon me. ” He said. “Your sure your OK with it?”she asked. 

” Yes I am perfectly OK with it. I am looking forward to it. Except that I won’t get to see you for a could week’s. “He said.”OK! “She said. ,” Can we go out on Thursday.a kind of end of the semester celebration? You are going away for a while? “He asked. “I don’t know .I am feeling a it burned out. I am a. It escbausted. Maybe when I get back.”she told him.   “Come on. It will be fine. Besides I won’t get to see you for two weeks. “He said.”OK!”she said. ” Awesome!”he said. 

Derrek saw the next two weeks as a massive storm cloud. A storm that seam to have no way out. He knew that she would be back. The two weeks were not forget. It did not feel that way right now. She saw it completely different. She looked forward to going home. She wanted to see her family. She could not wait to leave. She had been looking forward to this before Thanksgiving. That was all she could think about. He did not blame her. He suspected he was being irrational. He knew it would pass. 

He got ready and picked her up. She felt burned out as she told him. She did not feel up to going out that night. She did not want to disappoint him. She almost saw it as an obligation. That was not like her. All she could see as going home. 

He got in his car and drove to her place. She came out. She went into his car. “Hi love! ” He said. ” hi! ” She said. The ride to the restaurant was quiet. Neither one said much.before he could take her hand, she walked far ahead.he was surprised but did not think too much into it. 

” Your excited about going home?”he asked. ” I really am. I miss my Perents and my siblings. It will be good to be back. It will go by fast I suspect.”she said. Funny he thought,he though that it would go by at a snail pace but he decided not to say that. ” I hope you have a good time. I will miss you but I am happy for you.” He said.he was hoping that she would say something like I will miss you but she did not. Did this mean something? He was afraid to ask. He had no idea what to do. 

It was an awkward night. He tried to get her to go for disert but she was not for that. She would not let him pay for her bill. It had been a difficult night.he should not have pushed this. He just wanted to see her before she left. They went to the car. “So I will be at 4:45.” He said. “,Should I call you to make sure your up?”she said. “If you want to. I will be up. I would not miss the chance to see you before you go. “He said.”OK!” She said. She said good night. They did not hug. 

The next morning he came by to pick her up. ” I got you your Christmas present. You have to promise not to open it until Christmas day. OK?” He said. “OK! You have my word. Hear is yours. Same rules. “She Said. “OK!” He said. ” Please. All me on Christmas day. I know you will be busy. I will too but please call!” He said. “I will! “She said. 

They went to the airport. ” Time to bored.” She said.he was really going to miss her.she had been so distents during the last week. He leened in to give her a hug. Would she recoil?She embraced him. He held on her as tightly as she could. “I love you so much! ” He told her. “I love you. ” She said. He watched her go on to the plane. He knew she might not feel that. Way but he could not wait for her to return. 

End of part 14 

Christian romance part two

Whwn they were kids,they were best friends. They both were the sunday school over achievers. They both knew all the answers. Everyone thought that they would get together. Then her farther moved them away. They lost touch. Now years later, there paths have crossed again. This time at Bible college. Could the childhood interest be renewed. Were they destined to be together or would nothing come of it?

Mandy decided to call her Perents. They liked her to check in. “Hi mom and dad!”she said. “How is college?” His dad asked. “So far so good!”she said.she filled them on on campus life. She told them about classes and other things associated with the college. Then she told them about Andy. 

“Your never going to believe who I ran into?” Mandy asked. “Who?” Her mother asked who was also on the line . “Andrew Rollins ! The son of Bryan Rollins!”she said. “Is he a student there?” He asked. “He is. He is a fresh man. We did not know who each other was until we got talking. ” She said. 

“Oh wow. I have not heard from or about Bryan Rollins for a long time. How is pastor Rollins doing?” Her farther asked. ” He is still pastoring. He is pastoring a church in Concord new Hampshire!”she said.”oh wow. Do you know if he is still independent fundimental Baptist?”her dad asked.,”I don’t know. He did not say . I did not ask”she said. ” I had thought about Bryan Rollins in a long time. I always wondered what happened to him. ” Her farther said.

She did say it but she had wondered that herself. Not so much pastor Rollins but certainly wondered what happened to Andrew Rollins.Sense they were both the children of Bible college graduates,they were expected to Excell. It was expected that they would be friends. The two families had spent a lot time together. They frequently went to each other’s home. There families had spent so much time together it was only natural that they would become friends. 

They seamed to have a natual pull to each other. At the time they were only kids there at. Some felt they spend too much time together. They were young so everyone thought that it was not too bad.they seamed to have a good influence on each other. She always looked back favoribly to those days. 

She never told her Perents but she had thought about her marrying him. She would not tell them. They would not have understood. She would not even mention it in retrospect. That was a life time ago. 

She did not think of him every second sense they parted.every once in a while she thought about him. She wondered what life would have been like had they grown up together. Would they have had friends all this year’s? It was possible that they would have drifted apart. She really did not think so. 

Every once in a while she would imagine them growing up together. Then she would chose herself for having these vain thoughts. She knew it was silly. As the years went by,these thoughts were few and far between. Every once and again she thought about him.she had no idea why. 

She had never told her Perents but she was mad at them for pulling them away from there. She was gotten over it. That too was a distention memory. “I thought that was pretty good. I was not expecting him to be hear. I guess I should not be surprised!”she. Said. “Be sure to make sure Andrew says hi to his Perents for us. Hopefully we will see them at the spring conference. ” Her dad said. “I will make sure to tell him that. I will Be sure he comicates your message to his parents. ” She assured him. He was pleased with that. 

She hoped to see Andy. Finally she saw him at new testiment survey. “Hi Andy!” She said. “Hello Mandy! ” He said. “My parents wanted me to make sure you said hi to your Perents. They were thrilled to hear that you were a student year. They hope they will see your Perents at the spring conference. ” She said. “I am sure that they will be thrilled to hear from them. I  definitely will send them that message. ” He told her. “Great!” She said. 

“I know that they will be thrilled to hear that you hear. They will be pleased that your dad is still pastoing a church ” he told her. “I enjoy my dad’s preaching. “She said. “I am very found of my dad’s preaching. ” He said. The professor came in and started the class. 

That night he called his Perents. After filing them in on life on campus the topic of Mandy came up. “Guess who is a student hear?” He said to them.”who?” His mom asked. “Amanda gray. Well she goes by Mandy now!”he said. “Philip and Anne’s daughter. I have not thought about them in years. ” Mrs Rollins said. “Her parents said hi. She told them that I was hear.”he said. “Wow tell her to say hi to them for us. I am glad to hear that she is a student hear. Is he still pastoring?” He asked. ” Yes he is.  He is pastoring a church in Hastings Michigan.” He said. ” I am glad to hear that. I am glad that she is a student at f.b,u. ” His farther said. 

The next day,she saw him at sprituel life class. “Please tell your Perents hi from my Perents. ” He told her. “Oh I will.”she told him. “They were really happy that you were hear. ” He told her. “My Perents were happy that you were hear. ” She told him. 

End of part two.