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Word from the Lord part 11

Katie was nervous and exited . she walked to the door. Derek saw her comming and opened the door to greet her. She smiled when she saw him.
Derrek had already had a busy morning. Rob and Nancy and there kids arrived the day before. Derrek did not get to bed the night before until 11:30. He had lost track of time. He had got up fairly early. His grandparents arrived at 7:00. They lived an hour away. Tom,Denise and there family came around 9:00.between the full house as well as preparations for the meal,the house was a mad was a controlled chaos though.
Despite the chaos,Bryan and Anna Carlson loved it. They both  looked forward to having the family under one rooth again. They loved the sound of activity. They loved being parents and grand parents.
Everyone was catching up. Edna Carlson,The grandmother  saw a car pulling up. “Someone is hear” she said. Derrek had lost track of time. “Oh that’s Katie!”Derek said. “Who is Katie?”his brother Robert asked. His face got beet red .
“She is well I gues my girlfriend. “Derrek answered. “I was unaware that you were seing anyone. “Robert said. ” I was unaware of that myself. I am pleased to hear that. I was starting to suspect that you might have been called to singleness. “His grandfather said. “I felt that the Lord had someone in mind but I did not want to rush it.”he said. He was really nervous.
Derrek went to answer the door. He smiled.she responded with a smile of her own. “Hey kaetels come on in. ” he said.
He opened the door for her. He followed her inside. The house was a buz of activity. It was present sounds. She took off her coat. Derek put it on the coat rack. They walked to the living room. Both were really nervous.
“Grampa,grandma this is katie.” Derek said. Pastor everit Carlson was a long time pastor who pastored several churches over the years. He had retired several times .now he had come out of retirement again to pastor a church.
“This is my grandparents,pastor everit and Edna Carlson. “Derek said.”it’s good to meet you. ” katie said. “It is good to meet you.” Edna said. Katie guesed that everit was probably in his 70s. Perhaps in his mid to late 70s. He was six feet talk. He was not obese but not thin either. He looked imposing. At least to katie. Edna was roughly around the same age as her husband. She seemed very friendly.
Derek then introduced her to his older brother. “This is my oldest brother Robert and his wife Nancy.”he Said. Rob did indeed ware his signature cardigan. He then introduced her to Rob ‘s wife Nancy.
Katie found that she was a bit overwhelmed. There were so many people. She tried to keep her whist about her. She was sure that she could get though this. These would be her in laws after all. She could adjust.
“I was unaware that Derek was seing someone. ” Edna commented.”how long have you been together?” his grandfather asked. “Sense September well infirmormily at first. ” katie said.”I see. Then it is serious? ” Edna aske. They looked at each other. “That was what I thought. ” Edna said.”I gues I knew it would happen eventually. ” Rob said.
“I take it that it has been a while sense Derek has dated someone. “Katie commented. “A very long time. “Tom said. “There is a family joke that he was called to be single.”Rob said. Derek face was as red as it could possibly get. “I never believed that. I was certain that he would someone or someone would find him. ” Anna said. “I thought that as well. ” Edna said.
Dinner was served promptly at noon time. Anna had everyone come to the dining area. Anna put the baby in her high chair everyone sat down.
“Dad will you give the blessing?” Bryan asked. He had Everyone join hands. Derek took Katie ‘s hand.
Katie smiled as she took his his other side was his brother Peter. She took rebeka’s hand. His grand farther thanked the Lord for his goodness and thanked him for the food.
“How are things going at western bible college? “Pastor Bryan Carlson asked. ” very good. We are having one of our biggest freshman class . we have an increase in the pastoral program as well. Are things going well at fundamental bible colege?” Rob asked. “They are. We have a good size freshman class this year. We have quite a few transfer students as well. ” Derrek said.
” so why dud you chose fundamental Baptist over western ?”katie asked Derrek. ” he was afraid I would be harder on him then the other students. ” Rob said. “He would have. ” Tom said. “I did consider it. I liked the school hear.going to fbc,I could live at home,I could keep my job . I was active in the church and there was the Christian service reqyirement as well. I could keep teaching Sunday school and apprentice under my dad. It made sense to stay hear. ” Derrek said.
“I really wanted him took come to w,b,c but u understood. ” Rob said. “We are very pleased how the Lord is working in your life. “Nancy said.”just stay from Tom at least when it cones to theology. ” Rob said. “I believe the fundamentals of the faith. “Tom said. “” your fine Tom.” Rob said.”I love you too Rob.” Tom said.
“Are you a student Katie?” Edna asked. “Yes I am but not at f.b.c! ” katie answered. “Oh!” Edna said. Tom decided to bail her out by changing the subject. She was quite appreciative.
After everyone helped clear the table, Sarah and Rebecca did the dishes. The guys took out the trash.then they went outside to play flag football. Kathy felt a little out if place. She saw Denise and Nancy talking so she decided to sit next to them.
This was a world she knew nothing about. She felt Like a foreigner. Could she ever belong in this world?
“Can I join you?” katie asked. ” please do” Denise said. Nancy went over and gave her a hug. “Welcome to the family. ” Nancy said. “I am not quite part of the family yet. ” Katie said. “You are part of the family. You definitely fit in. ” Nancy said. ” thank you. ” katie said.
“So your very different. Are you two friends?” katie asked Denise abd Nancy. ” yes we are. The first time I met her, I picked her abd rib up from the airport. Tom told me how struct she was. I was so nervous.”Denise said.
“Rob warned me that Denise would probably become slain in the Sprint several times when we met. ” Nancy said.
” we hit it off almost immediately. Poor Rob did not get a word in edgewise. ” Nancy said .” do you think I wik fit in with the family ?” katie asked. “Absolutely! We are hear for you. ” Nancy said. “Thank you I appreciate that. ” katie said.
Anna came over. ” is dad playing ?” Denise asked. “Yes. I try to tell him that he is not as young as he use to be. The boys have promised to go easy on him.” Anna said . ” they do tend to get into the game. ” Denise said. ” this is a Carlson family thanksgiving tradition. Sence we dint have a television our family improvised. We play it in real life. ” Anna said. ” maybe you should suggest fuzeball!” katie said. ” we have. At least we convinced grandpa to just watch. ” Denise said. “Agreed” Edna said.
“Bryan is starting to realise that he is getting older. ” Anna said .”so us everit. I keep reminding him. He us 77. He is in good heath though. The Lord is good to us.” Edna said.
“I think that the Carlson family is ready for another wedding. ” Denise said. “I agree. No pressure. I am excited about the prospect of another wedding. You will have plenty of prospects for flower girls. ” Nancy said. “I see that. ” she said.
“Have you two disused marriage?” Edna asked. “A little bit. We don’t have a time table or anything. We have talked about it. We both have a couple if years left before we graduate. I would assume sometime after that. ” katie said.
” do you feel called to be a pastor’s wife?” Edna asked. ” I had not really thought about it before I met Derrek. I was open to it. I am excited about it. Derrek has a passion for church planting. It has rubed off on me. I have caught his vision. I am excited to be a partner in this. I do play the piano. I have other gifts and abilities I feel will be an asset to the team.” she said.
“It has been a passion of his for a few years now. “Anna said. ” I think we will make a good team. ” katie said. ” so where Are you a student at?” Edna Said. Katie knew she would have to answer this question eventually. ” I attend a Pentecostal college” she said in a hesitant tone.
“Oh! How did you two meet?” Edna asked. “They met at our church.Tom had been begging Derek to visits .they met at a Saturday night service. ” Denise said.
Katie was really nervous. She wanted Derek grandparents to support this. ” your Pentecostal?” Edna asked. “Yes I am. Derrek is committed to independent fundamental Baptist.  He has made that clear. I believe that he is to be the spiritual leader if the family and I would be fully behind him . ” katie said.
Katie feared that she lost Derek’s grandparents. She feared she could lose the support of Derek’s parents. She believed In honoring ones patents. If his parents did not want them to be together then they should not.
“Katie has demonstrated sprituel growth and good character . we we’re a bit surprised when they began to socialize but we are both very supportive of them. ” Anna Carlson said.
Katie was shocked. Katie was not expecting Derek’s mom to go out on a limb for her.  She hoped that his grandparents would support it.
“So you really like katie?” his grandfather asked Derek.” I do sir!” he said. ” I thought so. ” his grandfather said.  “So which one of us gets to be your best man? ” Rob asked. “I have no ideas . maybe I will let you two figure it out or a game of darts or something. Or I will ask Pete !” he said. They laughed.
Derek had not really took the word serious at first. He figured that katie would fade away as part of his life.that had not been how it was.without his fully being aware if it she had become part of his life. He became more accustomed to get being part of his life. He looked forward to seing her. The anniversary of Jason “s death had been a turning point for him. She forced him to face his loss. He needed to face it . as he was playing football he realized that he was going to Marry her. Not only that he realized that he wanted to.
End of part 11 .


Word from the Lord part ten.

Derek and Katie ‘s relationship had grown by leaps and bounds. Both had become more relient on each other. They grew closer and closer to each other. They began to try to figure out work school and church activities in addition to there relationship.
The fall was becoming winter. Thankgiving was soon approaching . the Carlson were beginning to plan  For the thanksgiving holiday.
” ok grandpa and Grammy Carlson is a go. Rob and Nancy are also a go. ” Anna the mom said. “Rob and  Nancy a red coming?”Derek asked.”yes. I heard from to. Directly. “His dad said. With or without cardigans?” derrek asked.”I did not ask. ” his dad answered. “The cardigans make him look distinguished. ” Anna said. Everyone knew not to contradict there mom. They all knew that he was faithfully serving the Lord.
“Tom and Denise are coming.” Rebecca said. “I am working on searing arrangements. It would be easier if I could seperate Derek and “kaetels” I assume that this is not a possibility ” his 15 year old sister Sarah remarked.
“Wait! You invited kaetels?”Derek asked.  ” she told me that she is not going home for thanksgiving. I figured that you would have invited her. ” his mom said. “I did not want to invite her without permission . I thought maybe you wanted to keep this in the family. ” Derek said.
“Do you not want to invite her? ” Anna asked. “I had not really thought about it. I don’t have an opinion on it either way. “Derrek said.”go invite her!” his dad said.”now?”derrek asked. “Call her before she makes other plans. ” his dad said.
” ok!” Derek said . he took out his phone. He found her name on His call list and pressed the call number. After a few seconds she answered. “Hey kaetels mom wanted me to invite you to thanksgiving with us. Can you come?” he asked.
“Yes!”she Said in a very excited tone. “Great!” Derek said. “Tell her thank you for me. I am feeling kind I of home sick . I am really gratefull. ” Katie said. “Great. I will let mom know. She Sarah and rebbeca are putting together seating arrangements. I hope that we will be seated next to each other but no promises.” he said. “Be extra nice to Sarah until then. ” Katie said. ” I am ways nice. ” Derek said . “would s he agree if I asked her?”Katie asked. ” please don’t!” he said.
After he hung up with her,he gave everyone the news. “Kaetels is in. She was really excited. She was really appreciated. I think she is prety bummed about not being able to go see her y during thanksgiving .” Derek said.
Katie lived five states away from her parents and siblings. It was impractical to go home for thanksgiving only to travail again a month later. She decided to stay hear during thanksgiving and then would go home for Christmast. She felt that it was the right decision but it was still hard. She felt uncharacteristically home sick. She was thrilled when Derek’s family invited her to spend thanksgiving with them.
Derek had mixed feelings about Katie being there. There relationship was new. He was not sure if this was appropriate thus early on. He was not sure how he felt about it.
Katie was so happy about the invitation. She knew that she would see her family on chtistmast but it seemed so far away. She had no idea what to do on thanksgiving before the invitation. Now she had plans. She was excited to get to know his family more and him.
Derek was reluctant to have her come for thanksgiving. He was not ready for her to join his family during holiday gatherings. This meant that she was becoming more of a part of a family. He was not ready for that. This was happening way too fast. He wanted this to slow down a bit. Next year it seemed totally reasonable for her to come for thanksgiving. He would probably press for it. This year was just too soon.
His family was ok with it. They were even pushing it. He decided to go with it. He was a bit nervous about this. Derek was cautious a by ways. He tended to be reserved . it might just be nerves. This was a big change. He might just need time to ajust. It seems things were not going to slow down any time soon.
Derek knew that life moved fast. He knew life was constently moving. Life was about change.Derek knew that he was growing up. He was entering further into adulthood. It was good even though it was hard. Such Is life.
The invitation for Katie to come to the Carlson family thanksgiving had rattled him a bit. He was not sure why at least at first. He soon realise the problem. When he first met Katie, he had dismissed the whole notion of them as a couple. He could not stay away from her.something about her was attractive to him. There was a magnetic force  drawing him to her. He dismissed it at first. Now it hit him. It was becoming more and more real. Could he fully embrace her.
Katie had always been family focused. She was very close to her parents and siblings . when she neared graduation from high school,she was reluctant to go to a college several states away.she even considered attending a community college in her home town. Even though she decided to go to sprit of fire,she was still a home body. She did want to be home during the holiday season.
She had dreaded she was excited. It could not come fast enough. Katie woke up ready and Waring to go .she planed o. Coming around 10:30 am. She was excited and nervous all at the sane time. It was a but nerve wracking. She will be around the whole Carlson clan including Derek’s grand parents. She was eagerly anticipating it as well.
She got up that thanksgiving morning. She showered ,got dressed and braided her hair. She then got ready to leave. She got more and more nervous as the time for her to leave got closer. She went to her car. She considered not playing  k love on the way to Derek’s family calmed her.she kept it on. She arrived . there were several cars.
She took a deep breath. She decided to go into the house. She hoped it would go good.
As she walked to the door,she realized that she would never imagine that she would be hear a year ago. Hear she was the daughter of a penticoastal minister and a student a Pentecostal bible school going to her boyfriends family house.that boyfriend a fundimentist ministerial student and the son of a Baptist pastor. She was good with it. She walked to the door. Derek opened the door and welcomed her.
End of part ten

Word from the Lord part nine

It was columbus’ day. While the holiday has become a day without any real meaning. It was hard for the Carlson family. It was the anniversary of one of the hardest days for there family. There were no classes that day. No classes in a way made it worse. He would almost prefer having classes so he would stay busy.
Derek focused on school work. At least he tried to focus on school way. His mind kept wondering. He could not concentrate. He tried everything but nothing worked. He had no idea what to do about it.
It was almost no use trying. He dared not be idle. If he was idle,Everything would flood back. He tried to force himself to focus. He could not.
All of his supresed emotions came back in a fury. He decided to give up trying to focus. His thoughts went in a thousand different directions . try as he did he was not accomplishing anything.
He felt like he had to stay busy. He did not want to have to feel today. He wanted to move on. It seemed he could not.
Then the phone rang .he was not sure he wanted to even look at the phone. He knew who it was by the ringtone. It was the hymm “Pentecostal power”.  He knew it was the girl he called kaetels .he decided to answer the phone.
“Hi Katie!” he said. She could tell that he did not want to talk. “Look I am worried about you dare bear. “She said. “Why?” he asked. “As I was reading the bible and praying . the holly sprit has been laying on my heart to call you. I don’t know why. he has not quit. Are you ok?”she asked . “yea I’m fine!” he answered.
“The holy Sprint made it abudently clear that I need to call you. I am certain that something is up. Your tone is off. You are aloof. What’s up dare? ” she asked. ” I am a little off. I do admit that . I’m ok. Its nothing. ” he said .
“Dare it’s more then being a little off. I know that. What’s wrong? Please tell me?” she said. “I am having trouble concentrating!”he said.
“What’s causing this ?” Katie asked.”a bunch of things. ” he said.she could tell that he did not want to talk about it. She suspected deep down that he really did want to talk about it. He was itching to discus it but he held back for whatever reason.
“Derrek what’s going on? I know something is bothering you. The holly sprit would not stop prompting me to call you. Your going to have to tell me eventually. I am hear for you. I am your best friend. ” she said.
“Ok! Today makes five years sense my brother Jason was killed in a car accident. For some reason this year is proving harder then then the last few years. I am not sure why. “He said.
“Your mom mentioned Jason. I did not want to pry. I am so sorry Derek. Why don’t I come over!” she said. “Oh I’m ok. I can deal with this. “He said. “You don’t have to. ” she said.
“I would prefer to be alone today. Besides I am really not very chatty. ” he said . “you don’t have to face this alone. My job is to be there for you.let me do my job. We don’t have to talk . we can just sit in silence. I will just be there if you need me. Please let me come over. ” she said.
“I don’t know Kate.I am really not up for visitors. I am a wreck. I would rather you not see me this way. ” he said.
“We have to accept each other as we are warts and all. That’s how it goes. We have to take the good and bad. I am coming over unless you really don’t want me to. ” she said.
“You can come over!” Derek said. “I will be right over.  We don’t have to talk or anything. I just don’t want you to be alone. ” she said .”ok . I. See you in a bit kaetels.” Derek said.
She hoped that it really was ok that she was coming over. She did not want to intrude . she wanted him to know that he could rely on her. She cared for him deeply.
The car arrived at her home. She parked the car. She got out and walked up his steps. He was there to meet her. He opened the door. She hugged him. He held on to her for a few seconds.
They went over to a porch swing. “Mayby I am not as ok as I thought.”Derek admired.”I knew that. ” she told him .she put her arm around him. They did not really engage in physical contact before today.
“You miss him?” she asked . “I do . Jason was a believer. I know he is with the Lord. He and I were very close. He was away at bible college when he died. He was killed in a hit and run. The driver was drunk. Jayse died at the scene. I thought I was over it. Today it has really hit me. I am not sure why!”he said.
“Well your getting older. Your nearing graduation. You are getting closer to venturing out on your own. He does not get to see the person you have become. Your bound to feel that loss. ” she told him.
“I gues I can see that. ” Derek responded. “Christians do not norn as those who have not hope but they do mourn. You miss him. That’s normal. ” she said.
“I know!” he said.”were you too close?” Katie asked. “We were. I was 16 when he died. I was 14 when he went off to bible college. My oldest brother is president of a smal independent bible college. He is very strict and conservative. He is a nice guy but a bit dull. My dad is very conservative but is a lot if fun as well. Mom is every funny as well. Rob is to the right of my dad and the apostle James. Jason was a little less moderate then rob but more conservative then Tom. He could relate to both of them. He encouraged me to go to bible college. At the time I was not interested. Theast thing he ever Said to me was that I had the gift of preaching. I had to use it. Its funny I had forgotten about that. “He said.
She rested her head on his shoulder. “What would Jason have thought of us?” she asked. “Another Pentecostal? What is this? This is the Pentecostal invasion of the family. He would complain but he would like you. He liked Tom’s wife. I wish you could have met him. ” he said.
He started to cry . he faught back the tears. He was very private. He wanted to show strength at all times. “Stop dare! Stop trying to be strong. I am not everyone else. I’m your Katie. Don’t be brave around. Me! This is why I am hear. I am hear to be your help!” she said.
He gave in.  The tears flooded she hugged him. He was not big on physical contact especially this early in there relationship. Right now he did not care. He held on her with all his might. She reciprocated. He allowed all to flow out that  he had been holding back for so long. He decided to throw qoation to the wind. He stoped holding back.
They held on to each either for an extended period of time. “I have held that in for a long time!” he said.”I knew that. Don’t do that! You try to be strong but that’s not really you. Be yourself around me. If you don’t I will kick your but!” she said .”ok!” he Saud. He laughed.
She took her hand. “I want to know you Derek Richard Carlson. You have to let me in. ” she told him.”ok!” he said.
“You say ok but do you really mean it? “She asked. “Will you kick my but if I don’t? ” he asked. “Yes I will.why are you so reluctant to let me get to know you? People say I have the gift of encoregement?I would hate to have this gift and not be able to not use it to encourage my husband.  Let me !”she said.
He wrapped his arms around her. “I want to trust you.I see nothing that would leed me to think I could int. In the short time I have known you you have always proven to be dependable. I do fully trust you.” he said.
“I love you. I am in your side. I am hear for you. ” She said.he started to cry again. “I gues I have been in Shock for a really long time. I had no idea how to express it. ” he said She hugged him. “Your not alone any more. I am not going any where. ” she said.
He wanted to trust her. He was scared. He knew that being married came with responsibilities. Being single ,you only had to be concerned with your own spiritual condition.  A married Christian man had to care for the spritutuel condition of his wife and if he had children , of them as well.
He realized just them that spiritual leadership of the family made him nervous. He had wanted to be married for a while now. He figured it was stil years away. He was slowly coming to the conclusion that katelyn was probably going to be his futur wife . that fact hit him as he was in her arms.
“What?” she asked.”I’m afraid! I gues I have viewed marriage as a concept . I believed it would happen. I do love you. I am just overwhelmed.” he said.
” I can understand that’s a big thing . it’s understandable . it is a big adjustment. ” She said.”I sm sorry I am all over the place today. I probably don’t make a lick of sense. “He said. “Your fine . stop being nervous around me. I won’t judge you. ” she said.
They spent most of the day together. She figured that his family would want some time together as a family. She decided that she would head back to her place before supper.
She went inside to use the bathroom. As she was heading back outside,she saw Derek’s mom. “Can you stay for supper tonight?” she asked “I was not planing to. I figured I would be heading back soon. ” Katie told her.
“Please stay!  Anna Carlson said. “Are you sure? I really don’t want to impose! If you need time as a family I totally understand. ” Katie said.she hugged her.”you are part of our family!  Anna said.
That night Derek’s father gave a blessing before they ate. “Today farther we are crushed but not destroyed. We morn but not as those without hope. You give ans take away but your name is stil blessed. We trust you even when we cannot see. We rejoice in the God of our salvation. We thank for this food as we’ll. Amen ” he said. Then they eat.
End of part nine

Word from the Lord part eight

Katie went to her classes.she then went home changed and headed to Derek’s house. She was nervous about going. She had no idea how to handle all of this. She deeply cared for him. She really liked him. She knew he cared about her. She knew that he was not ready to jump in into this.
Derek went to works then went he for a bit. He changed and got ready to go to class. ” oh Katie is coming to supper tonight. “His dad said.”oh! She is?” Derek asked. “Is that ok?”his mom asked. “Oh yes definitely. ” Derek said. .
It was weird he thought. His family was jumping into all of this. They seemed to be more accepting of this then he was. He found that a bit particular. He kind of forgot about it throughout the afternoon. He remembered as he was heading home.
He tried not to be nervous. He could tell that he was nervous. He was getting more and more nervous. He decided to stay calm. He parked. He saw that Katie was already there.
Katie came to the house. She went inside. “Hi come on in. ” pastor Carlson said.she came in. “I am so glad you could make it!” Anna Carlson said. “Thank you for inviting me. ” Katie said. “We were happy to do it.” the pastor said.
They Sat down. “We are glad that you could come. “Pastor Carlson said. “We have been looking forward to this for a while. We suspect the first of many. ” Anna said.
Derek came in. “Hi !” Katie said. “Hi katels !” he said. He greated his parents and his siblings.
” how was classes?”his dad asked Derek. “Good we had a quiz in old testament servey I got a 98 witch I am very happy about. ” he said. “He told me that he is a very good student but Said he has to worked at it?” She asked.
“Very true but he does work hard. He has really done what he needed to do. He is s good student. “The pastor said.
“I understand that you are putting him to work. You are mentoring him. He goes on visitation and has preached?”she asked. “He has been a real a set.he goes in visitation with me. He has helped me pass put John and rommans.he has Sat in on comite meetings. He has done preaching. He is teaching an adult Sunday school class I am keeping him buisy. “The pastor said.
“I am excited to hear him preach. “She said . “so Are you going to be coming to church Wednesday abd Sunday night?” Anna asked. “For now . probably some day I will switch to hear. I will miss my church.I really enjoy it. I do want to put in more of a presence at gospel Baptist church. ” Katie said.
“You anticipate switching to our church full time?” Anna asked.”Derek and I have not really discuss it but yes. I am thinking that is what I will do. ” Katie said.
“You ok with becoming an independent fundamental Baptist?”Anna Carlson asked. “Oh absolutely. I have committed to that definitely. ” Katie said. “You have no reservations about that?” his sister Rebecca asked. “None! “Katie said.
“We wondered how that would work. ” Anna Carlson said. ” Derek told me the day we met that he was called to start churches in the independent fundamental Baptist tradition. I respect that. ” She said.
“Your not going to try to turn him into a Pentecostal?” his sister Sarah asked. ” no I don’t want to do that. I believe in speaking in tongues. I have not changed my views on it. I respect his and I respect His ministry and any he has in the future. ” Katie said.
Derek was not surprised by this information . he was surprised to hear her say it especially to his family.he knew she was sincere. He knew that she had every intention of doing what she say
It was so surreal. It did not feel real. It was not that long ago that they had met. Neither one knew that that the other had that had all changed.
“How many years do You have at your college?.Rebecca asked.” two more !” she said. “Same as Derek!”Sarah said. They all laughed. 
After dinner,they were in the living room. Anna was feeding the baby upstairs . Katie and Derek Sat with his farther. ” I gues You probably were not expecting Derek to meet a Pentecostal girl?” Katie asked . “to be honest no. From everything we have seen we believe you two are a good fit. ” the pastor said.
“I definitely think so. ” Katie said .Anna came back stairs. ” the baby is asleep for now!” Anna said. ” do you have brothers and sisters ?” the pastor asked. “I  an older brother an two older sisters. I have three younger brothers and two younger sisters. ” Katie said.
“You have a big family too. ” Sarah said .” my husband and I came from smaller families. I have an older brother and two younger sisters. Denis has two brothers. ” Anna said .” do you want a big family?” Rebecca asked. “I do. ” She said.
Derek was little emberised.he wanted a big family himself . he was afraid his family would think that this was all little nuty. He thought it was a little nuty. He was oppen to it. He thought there was a good chance he would marry her. He stil thought it was just odd how it was coming together.  He never expected any of this.
After a while she decided that she should go. ” I a so glad we got to do This. We will do this again definitely.” Anna said. “I am glad we got to do this as well. Thank you so much for inviting me ” Katie said. “Happy to do it. ” pastor Carlson said. Anna hugged Katie . Anna hugged rebbeca and Sarah.she shock the pastor’s hand
Derek and Katie  had not engaged in any physical contact. No hand holding , no hugging nothing. He opened the door for her. They walked outside.
“So I really thought your name was Katherine . I had no idea that your full name is katelin. It seams that no one calls you Katie at your school.” he said. ” I thought it was cute. I want to be Katie to you ” she said.
“Everyone calls you Katie at church !” he said “that’s fine . I will be Katie in Baptist world.” she said .”ok. ” He said.
“I like this world. I like your world. I really like your family. I can do this. ” she said. “Well you have a good night . ” he said. “Thank you. ” she said .
End of part eight

Word from the Lord part seven.

” like I have said,I am not trying to change your views. I don’t want to unduly influence you. I want you to be right with the Lord. Thsts what I want. For me the word is a blesing from the Lord. I rejoice over it. It energizes me. I am surprised by your reluctence but I accept it. I wish you would dive right in. I do understand . it’s hard I admit that. “She told him.
“I wish we had met spontaneously. I wish that it had not been because of the word. I am not trying to be stubborn or ideological. I have concerns about this. I cannot get pass them. “He said.
“I do get where your going from dere I do. It hard for me to understand why your holding back.I do get it but it’s hard. I am in a different place then you are. I get it. I feel like your holding back. If you hold back I have to hold back and I don’t want to hold back. I understand we have to hold back a little thus early in this relationship but we have both had to overcompinsate and that’s sad” she said.
“Look I always believed that my future wife would be independent fundamental Baptist. I can entertain the possibility that my spouse might not be I.f.b. I can even accept that my future spouse could be from a Pentecostal church. The problem is the word.that is my issue. We would not be hear we’re it not for the word. Nothing would have occurred until after that word.” he answered.
“I know that. I think I understand your view. I even respect your perspective and I honestly do.  I see you and I see everything coming into view. Everything is making sense. I see our future together and it excites me. I can’t wait! We will minister together have kids grand kids. It will be cool. “She said.
He did not alow himself to go there. He did not imagine that. He would not go there.
“I am sory.  I can’t see that it could be God’s Will. I feel I have to hold back . I am stil searching.stil trying to figure it out!” he said.
“What if you knew it was God’s will? Would you be happy with it?”she asked. “Yes I would be!”he answered . ” you must not think that it is not God’s will.if you did you would not even keep the door oppen. ” she said.
“I am not convinced it is against God’s will at this point.I don’t feel I should run away from you. ” he told her.
“That’s good. I am glad to hear that. Why don’t you feel like diving in ?”she asked. “I just don’t yet feel at liberty to do so. “He said.
“What are you waiting for. What do you need to change your mind?” she asked.”I don’t know yet. ” he said.
“I see. I can be patcient. I just hope it will be sooner then later. I am both that  patcient. “She said. “I will keep that in mind. ” he told her.
She hoped that he would jump right in. She hoped that he would embrace. It. It had not happened yet.
She decided that the conversation was not going any where right now.she decided that maybe her inclination towards backing off for a bit was the right one. Mayby she should have stayed away a little longer.
“Well I should probably get going I sapose. “She said. “Ok I will walk you to the car.” ” he walk.they walked to  car. They did not engage in any physical contact yet.
“I will see you around !” she said.”if course. ” he said. They said there good nights. He watched her drive off.
If he did not feel confused before ,he certainly did now. He came to the conclusion that if he asked her to leave her life ,she would . was that really want he wanted? He did not know. He should get an answer soon. He owed that to her.  It was not fair to string her along.he did not want to do that .
He went to work in the morning. He had class at two in the afternoon. He left fairly early that morning.
His mom was holding the baby.the younger boys were playing near her on the floor. The phone went off. “Hello!” Anna Carlson said.”hi Mrs Carlson it’s Katie.”she said. “Hi Katie please call me Anna. ” she said.”ok! I have a little but before class. Can I come over for a bit?”Katie asked. “Sure? Come on over. ” she said .
“Ok I will see you in a little bit !”Katie answered. ” look forward to it. ” she answered.
She came over. She knocked on the door. ” come in !” Anna said. “Hi Mrs. Anna it will take some getting use to . ” Katie said. “I have some coffee . I heard that you we’re a coffe aholic. ” Anna said.”it’s true !”she said.
She got a cup of coffee and Sat down. She asked if she could pick up the baby. She smiled at her. “She seams to like you!”Anna said.”the feeling is quite mutual!”she said
“Derek and her are quite close.the kids all love there brother Derek. My two oldest Rob and Tom who you know have been on there own for a while. Jason died in a car accident. ” she said.
Katie did not want to press her on this . Derek never mentioned losing a brother. She suspected that it was something he did not care to dwell on. “To the other kids he is almost the oldest brother. ” she said.she tired to change the subject “yea ! He is really good at it. He will make a good farther one day.” she said.
“I have no doubt about that. ” she told her. ” my husband and I are really pleased with how he has matured .he was never immature but he has really grown spiritually. His dad is menturing him in the ministry. He has gone on visitation as well as teaches Sunday school and preaches. ” she said.”I would love to hear him preach. “Katie said.
“I am sure that you will get your chance. Do you feel called to s pastors wife? ” Anna asked.”I do. I love the idea if plating new churches. I play the piano.I feel called to. Minister to other ladies and children. I would love to Serve the Lord with Derek. I think we would make a good team. ” Katie Said.
“I think you would too. ” his mom said. ” I was worried that you might not be supportive of us. I definitely believe in parental oversight of a marriage of there children. “Katie said.
“Dennis and I were a bit taken a back at first. We had no idea that he had met anyone . there is nothing that would make us question you and him. ” Anna said.
“I really don’t intend on trying to convert him to a Pentecostal.  I know how strongly he feels about Independent fundamental baptism.I appreciate his wanting to be separated from the world and worldly doctrine. ” she told Anna.
“We do tease Thomas but we do love him.we are all close with His wife. He has great kids! He is a great farther and husbands. He is a godly man. Derek is different. ” Anna said.
“I am quite smitten with Derek. “She said.”I can tell. ” Anna said. “I am probably a bit obvious  I gues. ” Katie said.”a little!” Anna said.
” I guess I am not surprised. ” Katie said. Anna laughed. After a while she said her goodbyes. 
“Thank you so much for letting me come over!”Katie said”it was my pleasure! Why don’t you come for super tonight?” she asked.” are you sure?” Katie asked. “Yea I am sure !”Anna said.
Katie hoped that Derek would be ok with her being there at super that night. She hoped that he would be informed ahead of time that she was going to be there. She hoped he would be ok with it. She would find out.
End of part seven.

Word from the Lord part six

Katie decided to back off for a bit. She decided to give him some room to breath. She hoped that she could work pass his objection. She realized that she had to do it on his term. That was hard. She trusted the Lord and him. She decided he needed time. She believed that he did not move as fast as she did. She would have to be patients. It would happen at the right time.
She wanted it to happen now .she did not want to wait.for her the question of who was already been answered. Now that that was solved she wanted to plan there lives. He was stil at who. She found that frustrating.
Derek went back to the parsnege.he went inside.”we are really glad that Katie came tonight. ” his farther said .”I really like her. “Anna said .”I am a bit surprised. I thought that the fact that she was Pentecostal would diqalify Her right then and there.”he said.
“We trust you. Your different then Tom. The I.f.b views were never his. He came to his views before he met Amy. You did not come to your views on your developed them on our own. I know you will not abandon them at the drop of a hat. I believe her that she will not try to change your views. She seems to have good qualities and a good character. “His farther said.
“We do really like her. We are surprised but we do. She is special. She is a keeper. “Anna said. “She would make a fine addition to the family. “He said.he did not say much. He was not sure in which direction he was learning. He was just really confused.
He just could not phantom that this could be from the Lord. He did not believe that the Lord communicated to his people in this manner in this dispensation. If the word was not genuine,how could the relationship be legitimate. At the same time he did feel for her. She did something to him. He got choose bumps hever she was in the same room as he was. The thought of her made him smile. He stil was not sure how to proceed.
Should he dive in or run away? He felt maybe he should run away but did he want to. His head and heart felt totally opposite things. He was perplexed.
The next day he got up and showered.he had breakfast and read from The bible and an I.f.b devotional. He prayed. He got dressed and then got ready for work. He worked until 1:00 pm and had classes at 3:00 pm. It was a very built day.he did not mind. He liked to be productive.
Katie woke up. She got ready for classes. She decided to give Derek some space. She would give him time to short this all out. She would pray for him. Her sprit stil confirmed that he was to be her husband. She had a peace about all this .
She had got ready and headed to class. She was confident that the Lord had brought them together and that it would all work itself out.she did miss him. She wanted to see him. She knew she had to wait.
He went to work. He focused only on work. He turned everything else off. He was a good worker. He put everything into what he did.
She went to clases. She Sat down at a desk. “Hi katelin “her friend Jacky said .”so can expect your cisationest friend to join you for dinner?”she asked .”I don’t think so.”she said. “We figured we might have round two of the great debate.”Jacky said in response. “He is a really good guy. I disagre with him on a few things. I enjoy bantering with him. ” Katie said.
“You really like thus guy?”another friend asked . “I do. I know it’s unlike me. “Katie responded.”I. Happy for you. ” Jacky said. “We can tell” a male said.
She did not realize how strongly she felt about all this. She did want to use  this moment. She figured that this would be the time to solidify those feelings. She would work on herself not him. She would focus on g over him. Then her clases began.
After his shift was over, he drive home before going to class. He drive pass her college. That made him smile. He chuckled to himself.he went home to get a quick bite to eat.
“Have you talked to Katie today?”his mom asked. “No I have not. ” he responded. “Are you going to ?”she asked. “I am not sure yet. I am a tight schedule.if I do it will be tonight. “He said. “Don’t let her slip away. If your not careful some Pentecostal Wil whisk her away. “She said .” ok!”he said.
“She Is a keeper Derek. If you let her get away. You Wil always regret it. It was not always easy between your dad and I. I can’t imagine my life without him. You look at her the way your dad looks at me. I have learned that love is one big choice followed by a series of little choices.    Your dad and I like her so far.we feel this is a good choice. ” His mom said.
He got his books. He got ready for class. He got into his car. He headed for his clases. During the clases he only focused on clases.
Her clases ended for the night. She considered paying an unexpected visit to Derek. She was not sure that she should. She was not sure that she could go a full day without seing him .she knew she did not want to. She did not want to overwhelm him. She decided to call first.
He finished clases. He went home. He helped his younger brother work on a model air plane. After taking a break his phone went off. The ring tone was the hyim “Pentecostal power”  it made the whole family chuckle.
He went to the halway. He pushed the answer button. “Hey katels ! “He said. “Hi Derek! I was wondering if I could stop by. “She asked ” yea that would be fine. “He said. “I will be by in a few minutes. “She told him.”oh ok great!”he said.
“Is she stopping by?”his dad asked.”yea .she just got done her clases I gues she decided to call first. “He said.
She showed up not long after she hung up. He went out to meet her.”hey katels! “He said smiling.”het Derek bear. “She said.they did not really engage in physical contact.she threw caution to the wind and hugged her surprise he hugged her back.
They held on to each other for a few seconds. “I missed you today. I realize I probably over loaded you yesterday. I decided to give you some space. I had to talk to you some time today. “She told him.
“I will be honest katie I did feel overwhmed. Its not just’s everything. I am a low key guy I am a low key guy in a low key life. My whole life has changed. I just need time to process it all. “He said.
“I can understand was never my intention to over whelm you. I just want to be a part if your life. I really enjoy being with you. “She said.
“I am trying to figure this all out I tend to go slow. I did miss you. “He told her.
“Are you warming up to the idea of us?”she asked. “I think so. I really need time. This is a lot to take in. “He said. “I admit it, I am a hand full. You don’t know the extent of it yet. “She told him.
“Oh no!now I sm scared. “He said.”you should be! “She said.they laughed. “You can trust me. Lower your shields. Let me in. I an dependable. I want to prove have to take a risk. I know that I am asking you a lot . I am asking you to take a giant leap and trust that I will catch you. ” she told him.
He considered her words. “I want to Katie I really do. The word from the Lord us troubling. If I accept that it was from the Lord, do I one have to embrace every tennet of the Pentecostal movement? Our relationship developed as a direct consequence of that word. Were it not for that word we would not have not met. That is my problem with all of this !”Derek said.
“Like I have said previously I do not want to change your views. I want you to be right with the lord. I consider the word to be a you it is a burden. I rejoice over it. It energizes me. I am stunned by your reluctance . I wish you would dive in. I u understand. It is hard.”she Said.
” I wish I had met some other way. I wish that it had not been because of the word. I know I must appear to be stubbornly ideological but that is not my intention. I have concerns that I just cannot get pass .” he said.
“I get where your coming from dere I really do. It is hard for me to understand why this is holding you back. I get it but it is very hard. I am in a very different place then you are. I  that . if you hold back I have to hold back. I don’t want to hold back. I understand we have to hold back thus early any way. We both have to overcompinsste and that’s sad. “She said .
End of part six.

Word from the Lord part five

“Where did you go? You almost never leave campus if you have an afternoon class.”his friend Jake commented. “I was having diner with a friend.”Derek answered. “Who is this friend?”Rob asked.
He started to blush. He had no idea how to answer this question in such a way that would not garner more questions. He suspected that these questions might be more uncomfortable then The first one. “Is this anyone we know?”Jake asked. “No you don’t” he said. Derek tried not to get defensive.
“There is something your not telling us.” Rob commented. “Its a she isint it? Were you on a date?” Jake asked. “Well kind of!”Derek answered. “You on a date? You never go on a date.” Jake remarked.
“As I said,it was not quite a date. Its complicated.”Derek said. “Do you like her?”a friend named Tod asked. “She is very nice. There is a lot in her character that I really like.”Derek responded.
“Is She saved?” Jake asked. “Yes she is. She profeses salvation and definitely shows evidence of spiritual growth. “Derek said.
“I sense some reluctance. ” Rob said “I do have some concerns. I don’t questione her character. She is not independent fundimentle Baptist.”Derek said.
“She is not?”Darrin asked.”no not at all unfortunately. “Derek responded.”she is not a liberal church us she?”Jake asked. “She believes in the basics but she is not quite separated” .Derek said. “What denomination is she from?” Jake asked.
Then the professor arrived. The conversation was altered. Derek was relieved. Then the clases began.
Katie or katelin as she was known at the college went to her next class. She knew that she would get million questions or more.
“So katelin, who was that?” alexsa asked. “His name is Derek. He is a pastors son. He is a student at bible believing Baptist college. ” she told them.
“How do you know that?” Jessica asked. “His brother goes to Bethlehem community church. He was visiting his family.”She said.
“How do you know him?” Jessica asked again.
“I got a word from the Lord to go talk to him. “Katelyin said. “There is something your leaving out. “Alesha said.she chuckled.”yes there is!”she answered.
“What is it that you are leaving out?”Stephanie asked. “God told me that I was going to Mary him. “She exclaimed.”really?”Jessica asked .”yes I did.” She answrred.
Soon after her professor arrived.then her class Began. She was glad to get a diversion from all of the questiones. She wad ready for the class to begin.
Derek really enjoyed the class that day. After the class he headed right to class. He wondered if Katie was really going to be at the midweek service. As he parked,he saw her car. He parked next to her. He wondered if that was symbolism in that . he convinced himself that there was not.
After her class,She briefly went home. She headed to abiding Grace Baptist church. She got a bit nervous about going.She wanted to become a part of her world. she wanted to prove to him that She could be trusted.
She parked. She took a key out of the ignition. She took a deep breath. She opened the car door. She walk into the church and went inside.
She drive to the church several times but never went inside. She never even thought about going inside. It had a reputation for there seperation. She would be probably be attending on a ful time bases at some time. It was not bothering her in the way he thought it would. She was kind of excited by it.
She walked into the front door. She went inside the building. She walked to the auditorium. She heard vioces. She followed the voices.
She went inside. She saw three ladies. One of the ladies was in her seventies. She had been a Christian Sense her twenties.she had a reputation as a prayer warrior. She used to teach Sunday school but had stepped aside oficialy but was very active behind the scenes.
The next lady was a younger women. She was a wife ans mom . her children were young. She was a house wife with a vibrant informal ministry. She had a reputation as an encoureger. The other lady was a fairly new mom.she was the youngest in the group.they turned around and saw Katie.
“Hi.welcome!”the older lady said. “I’m ester.this is Mary Anne and ellie.”the older lady said.
“Hi I’m Katie. ” she said.usually she went by katelin but she had introduced herself to Derek as Katie.  Derek had nor realized that her full name was katelin until he heard her referred by that name at her college. In his world,it Sean’s that she was Katie.
“It is good to meet you. We are glad that you are hear. ” ester said. “Its good to be hear. ” Katie said. “We are a smal church but we are friendly. ” Mary Anne said. “I can see that. “She said. “There are a lot of older people but we are working on that. The pastor has a big family. His oldest in his 20’s and the youngest is a few months old. They want to reach out to the community. ” ellie said.
Katie thought that it was funny that ellie was playing up the pastor and his family. It confirmed in her mind what she already thought. It confirmed what she believed.
“This church is a family. I hope that you will become part of this family. ” ester said.
Katie would become close to all three of these women. They would become close friends of hers. Ester wood become a sprituel grandmother of sorts. Katie would come to value her. Ellie and Mary Anne would become friends and sisters. They would be insteamentle in her adjustment to the I.f. b.
The pastors wife came in. She saw Katie. She went over to them .”hi Katie it’s good to see you.”Mrs. Carlson said.
“Do you know this young lady?” ester asked.Anna Carlson smiled. “Yes I do. “Anna answered. After a while the pastor came in. He saw the ladies talking. He was surprised to see her.he went over to them.
“Katie hi. I did not know that you were coming tonight. “The pastor said. “It was kind of a last minute decision. “She said. ” I am very glad that you are hear. ” the pastor said. “Thank you. “She said.
Derek was not sure if she had been serious when she Said that she was coming to the midweek service. He was not sure if he was ready for that. Was he ready for her to be that involved In her world.yet hear she was.
When he saw her car,he was not sure how he felt about her being hear. He was not sure if he wanted to go inside. He might have to answer questiones he would rather not answer. He knew he had to go in eventually .after some delay he went in.
He said helo to a few people. He engaged in some smal talk. Then he entered the auditorium. He saw Katie. He saw her talking to a smal group of people that included his parents.
He walked to where they were “hi there!”she said . “you came?”he asked.”I did. “She replied.he was not sure how he felt about her being there. He would never say that. He felt very awkward. Dispete his anxiety to her being hear She stil made him smile. People noticed it.
They set down in a pew together. “I missed you!”she said. “Its not been that long?” he said . “I know . I stil miss you never the less. “She said.”I miss you. ” he said.
She sat next to him. It felt right. It felt like it was at it should be. A few days earlier she did not know he existed. Today she could not imagine life without him. She knew he did not quite feel that way yet. She was ready for that adventure. She believed that he was created with her in mind and vice versa.
She enjoyed the surmon delivered by his farther. She wondered if Derek had a similar preaching style. She was exited to get to know her future in-laws. At this church the man and women prayed seperatly.
After the prayer time they had time to talk.
“Ok I have to ask, you and Derek,you seam to have quite the report. “Ester commented.she blushed a bit. “We do right now we are just friends. I hope perhaps that will change. ” she said. “We are overdo for another weeding at the church.”Mary Anne said. “We are not trying to rush you but it would be nice. ” ellie said.
“I want you to know that Derek is a fine person. The Lord has really gotten a hold of him in recent year’s. Not that he was not strong I. The Lord before but he grew in a lot in recent years. ” ester said.
“Dennis and I are really pleased with how the Lord are working in him.”Anna Carlson said.
“You attend a different church? “Elie said . “yes I do.”Katie said. She really hoped that no one ask where she went to church. She did not want to emberiss him.
“What church do you go to?”ellie asked. She knew that this was a delicate matter. “I am Pentecostal.”she answered . she was a bit nervous. They seemed to take it in stride.
They started to go upstairs. “It was good to meet you. I syincerly hope that we will be seeing more of you. “Ester said. “I would like that. ” Katie said.
Derek ‘s mom went over to her. “I am glad that you are hear. I am glad that you came. “His mom told her. “Thank you. “She said. “If you have a free morning drop by. I would love to chat with you without the guys. “Anna said. “I would like that ” she said.
They walked back to the auditorium. She Sat next to Derek. “How was prayer time?”he asked. “Very good. ” She said. “Very good ” she said. “I am glad to hear it. “He said.
The service was concluded after a closing prayer by Derek’s dad. He dismissed the service. “What do you think of my church?”Derek asked. “I like It. Will you paturn the church you want to start after this ?”she asked. “That was my thought. “She said.  “Everyone seems really nice. ” She said. “This is a really good group. “He said. “I can tell” She said.
“A lot of The people hear are first generation Christians. I would love to recreate it somewhere else “Derek said.
He walked her to her car. She smiled at him. “I hope it’s ok I came tonight. I did not mean to invade his space. I want to be a part of your world. ” she told him.
“I am glad you came tonight. I do admit I find it a bit uncomfortable. You probably have figured out that I am a bit secretive. “He said. “I have noticed. I am sorry I exposed you. I am sorry I never intended to force your hand. I know you don’t fully trust me yet. This probably did not help. “She said.
“Its ok. I will get over it. “He said. “Ok!”she said. They Said there good nights. They had never had any type of physical contact. She threw caution to the wind and gave him a great big hug. He hugged her back.
She went home with mixed emotions. She was falling in love with him more and more every second. She was starring to see how she fit in. He stil had not accepted that they would be a couple. She wished that she could get him to accept him.
She felt two set of emotions at the same time. She felt love and dispair . how could she convince him that she could be trusted.
End of part five.