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Aranged mariege part five

They fell asleep in each other’s arms.they woke up the next morning. “Hunnie, what do you want for breakfast?”she asked. “Um. Whatever. I usualy do a sinple breakfast. What ever you want to make hun.”he answered.  

“Bacon and eags ok?”she asked.”yea! Sounds good! ” he said. “Ok cool. “She said. She wore a pink tank top and pazama botom. She went out to the smal kitchen area. By smal it was smaller then a cubicle but it worked.

She took out the eags and bacon .she put them on the frying pan. She put her hair up and put it in a scrunchy. He came out. 

“You look like a zombie?”she said in a teasing tone.”i dont really function before my first cup of cofee. He took out the place for the filter. He took out a new filter. He put it inside then poored the cofee been in. He put the watter then turned in on. 

“I love mornings.  Usualy i am ready and raring to go!”she said smiling. “Why am i not surprised? “He asked. He held her waist while she cooked. She once in a while gave her a kiss. 

“You do i am trying to cook. Your distracting me. I am going to burn the eags!” she exclaimed. He laughed.  

She kissed him a few times. ” its weird. My family was strict. I amNot use to being able to pratice physical contact. “He said.

“My family was not quite as strict. I have kissed before. I am sory. I did not realize at the time that i might regret it. I am sorry. ” she said.

“Hey no condemnaton ok.i am not meen! ” he said. “I know that. “She said. When the eags and backon were finished,she put them on a plate. She brought them to the table. He prayed and they eat.

” so what is on the agenda today?” she asked. ” i figured we could rent out a paddle boat. “He said. “Cool!” she said.” do you want to play pay ball? There is a place nearby!”he told her. “I can schoot you with paint ball?”she asked.”i dont know if i would put it quite like that but yes. “He said.

“Cool! This sounds like a lot of fun. “She answered. “It is a lot of fun. Have you ever played before? “He asked.  “No i have not. I have aways wanted to. I am looking froward to it.”she said. “Its fun. ” he said. “Im sure it is.” she said. 

They finished eating. “So am i a good cook? “She asked. “You are. Thank you. ” he said. He hugged and kissed her. “I like to cook. ” she said. ” your good at it. ” he said. 

They used the campgrounds shower facility. Then they returned to the cabin and got changed. He wore blue shirt shorts and sandles. He was not much for shorts or sandles. Sense he was goung on a boat, he decided to wear them. 

She wore a pink shirt and tan shorts and flip flops. He was stil shocked that his parents set him with her. They had always been very strict. They were conservitive. Old fashioned.  Why did they bring them together? 

He assumed that they would set him up with a fellow independent fundimental baptist. That was not what happened.  He was curius why. 

Yet there was something about her. He did feel something for her. That he knew. It made no sense. Maybe it did not need to. 

“Ready?” he asked.  “You bett. ” she said. She took his hand. They walked to the maine office. He paid for the rental. An attendent took off the chain from the boat. They got in and lunched. 

“I love being on a boat.  ” jeny told him. “I do too. ” he said. “I love watter. I could spend a whole day on the watter and be fine with it. ” she told him. 

“I dont get out hear mearly as much as i would like to. ” he told her. “I know what you meen. “She said. 

“I find i am suprised that our parents paired us up. My parrents are so strict. It does not make sense that they would agree to this. ” he said.

“You could ask them?” she asked. ” i could but i am not sure that i want to.” he said. “Why would you not want to?” she asked. “It could take away from the mystique.  ” he said. She laughed. “Ok!  ” she said. 

“Mayby i dont need to understand it. Some things mayby are not suposed to be understood mayby not now at least. I am probably not making any sense. ” he said. 

“I think i understand.  Its like your favorate song. You have your idea what it meens. You might be curious what the real meening is. Your tempted to go check it out on song facts.  You dont want your views shatered. You just keep wondering.  ” she said. 

“I had not thought of it that way but ok. Most of the songs i like are prety srlf explinitory like “holy holy holy” or “churches one foundation ” or “a mighty fortres is our God. “. With the exception of “i come to the garden alone ” i dont have a clue. ” he said.

“I am prety sure i know why my perents aranged for me to marry a Baptist pastor. My dad wanted to become more conservitive.  My dad is a committed. United Methodist but he is slightly to the right of most united Methodist.  He always has been. As to your perents Mayby they wanted you to not tone down your doctrine but mayby your approach. ” she said.  “Mayby i dont know.  Mayby i should not try to psychoanalyze it. ” he told her. 

“Am i a disappointment? ” she asked. He touched her hair. His heart sank. “No sweetheart. Not at all. “He said.”i just wanted to make sure. “She said.  “No your great. “He said. “I was just checking. ” she said.

“Am i not quite what you expected? ” he asked.  “Your not quite what i expected.  It is a good thing. I like you. ” he said. “I am glad to hear that.  ” he answered. 

They stayed out in the watter for a while. Then they camr back in. They reterned the boat. He hugged her. She held on to him. She never expected him to be so affectionate. He loved be affectionate with her. She would come to crave it from him. 

They then drove to a paint ball place. They rented the equipment.  They decided to play a kind of hide and go seek.  They gave themselves plenty of leed time. They went after eachother.

He saw her coming. Botg perpared to get the first schot. Jeny got there first. She kept fireing. She gothis face shield. By the time he could see again he had been hit multiple times. 

They both started laughing. They went again. He was able to snkeek up on her.she did not see that coming. .they lost tract of time. Some other people ask them to join a capture the flag type game. They worked together and got the enemy flag. 

They decided to call that. A day afyer several hours.  He took her hand.”you are a mess!”she remarked.”your one to talk!” he responded. They both laughed. 

They went back to the camp ground. They got cleaned off then changed. They had a late lunch. “I have never foubd it easy to express my feeling. I dont wear my heart on my sleve. ” he said.

“I suspected you might be a bit of a stoic.”she said. “So i have been told.”he said. “I will have to tickle you or something.  Get it out of you!”she said. “I dont think that is nessisary. ” he said.  She laughed. 

“I like that you are so affectionate. ” she said. “It is the only way i know how to express my feelings.  “He said.”touch could be your love language.  I am not much for physical touch. I cringe when my sisters hug me. Its different with you.  I like hugging you. “She said. “I am glad to hear that.”he said. They laughed. 

“Something is different with touching you i guess. “She said.”i know what you meen.”he said. 

After dinner,they read the first 17 verses of romans together. He wondered how two ministers doing devotions in romans would go. 

“I see verse 16 and 17 as the key verses of the whole book or at least the first 11 chapters. ” he said. She thought it over. ” i can see that. ” she said.

“I used to think that the first 14 verses were just introductory.  Hi how are you,  im good. In looking at it more in dept, i believe that they corispond with the thises satement found in 16 and 17.” he said. ” yes i  definitely see that. I never really thought of it that way but it makes sense. ” she said.

“I see key words ,not ashamed of gospel, power of God unto salvation.jew first,also to the greek, Righteousness of God. Just shall live by faith. I think that the first 11 chapters corispond to those. ” he said.  He felt very self conscious about all of this. He feard that she would view him as a hick with little education. He feard losing the spiritual leadership of the family. Worse then that he feard never having it. 

She was interested in what he said. She wrote it down. She pondered it in her mind. She considered it a long time later. 

After they prayed together.  They held hands while they prayed. While he did not think it went well. It had an impact on her he did not realize. 

They played minopoly after. She ended up wining. They went outside and sat on the smal porch. “Beautiful night?” she remarked.  “It is. ” he said. 

“Hey sense i planed today, you want to plan tomorrow? ” he asked. She smiled. “Cool! Yea i would.  Can i lead the bible study?” she asked. “You want to cover the topic of wrath of God?” he asked. “I know that God is a God of wrath as well as love. I am not afraid of it. ” she said. “Yea you can. ” he said. “Sounds good! ” she said.

She put her hands around his waist. She placed her head on his beck. ” why do you have a hard time expressing how you feel?”she asked.”i have no idea. I always have. It is a bit of a family joke. ” he said. 

“You are very analytical.  That is fine.i can work with that. ” she said. She held on to him. He kissed her. 

After a while,  they decided to go to bed. They talked a bit. They eventually fell asleep.  

End of part five

Next up james and jeny have there third full day at marriage.  This day jeny plans the itinery. With some suprises. 


Unlikly of couples part twoΒ 

While heading home 🏑 after a visit to the bible college i graduted, i had what would become a life changing experience.   I stoped πŸ”΄ at what i thought was a conservative Methodist church.  As it turns out it was a more mainline Methodist church. There was a female pastor.

I did not beleve that women πŸ‘© could be pastors. Nornaly i would have left right away.  I did not.  We ended up hanging out after wards. 

Something was stired up in me. I thought about her on the rest of my drive πŸš™ home 🏑.  Before i stoped at the church , my thoughts were on my college and the conference.  It had all changed. 

A week had gone by. I got flooded with questions about the conference at church. It was understandible.  I wanted to see her.she lived a bit if a distance.  I came up with an excuse to see her.

On my day off i decided to go on a road. Trip. I usualy stayed in town. I almost never left what was nicknamed by locals the hill valley region.  I was mostly a home body. I did enjoy traval. 

I saw on the website of her church that today was one of her office days.she would be there. I ordered two ice coffes. I remembered her cofee and her extra turbo schot. I hoped she would remember me. Perhaps all of this was in my head. 

She spent most of the day at the church. She had met with several parishioner.  She had done office works. She made and received phone πŸ“ž calls. 

I parked my car πŸš—  in the lot. I saw what i thought was her car πŸš—.  It had a united Methodist bumper sticker. I opened the car door. I walked 🚢 to the front door πŸšͺ.  I nervously went inside. 

I thought to myself that i must be out of my mind. This was not like me. I had been focused on the ministry. I really did not have time for anything else.  I really did not want to be involved in anything else.was i lonely?  Why am i latching on to a female minister from a slightly less then conservitive denomination. I saw a sign that gave directions to the office. 🏒 

I walked the coridor to the office 🏒.  I stood for a second near the door πŸšͺ.  I tried to catch my breath.  I could not beleve i was really hear.  I could not beleve i was really doing this. Had i totaly gone nuts? Perhaps i had. 

Becky had no idea i was hear. I caught my breath and then knocked on her door πŸšͺ.  “Come in. ” she said.she had been lost in thought and buisy at work. 

I nervously opened the door.  She had her head down but looked up. “Beware of fundamental Baptist baring gifts!  ” i said. I set her ice coffee down on the desk. ” its mocha ice cofee, two cream five sugars and a turbo schot of mocha.” i said. 

She was shocked 😱 to see me to say the least. “Craig? What are you doing hear? “She asked. “Today was my day off and i was goinh stir crazy.  I decided to go on a road trip. “I said.  

“You came all this way to see me?” she asked. “Yes i did. I probably did not think this though. I am ususly not this impulsive.  “I said.

“Thank you for the cofee. ” she said.”did i get it right?” i asked. “Its perfect!” she replied. “I am glad.😺 “i responded.

“Please sit down. ” she said. I sat down at a chair πŸ’Ί on the other side of the desk. “I am surprised to see you.  ” she said. “Is it a good surprise? 😲 ” i asked in a playfull tone. She smiled.πŸ˜ƒ ” very good!” she responded.  

“How have you been?” he aaked. “Good. Buisy but good.  I am a bit if a workaholic. ” she said. “I know how that is. One of my days off i was so bored but i built a utility building. ” i said. “No you did not!” she said. I took out my phone and showed you the pics. “Ok i no longer dont feel like a workaholic! ” she said.  They laughed.

“So have you been? ” she asked. “Good.  I went though car leg when i got home. I hung out in a field for a while.  Church is going good. ” he said. .”i am glad. ” she said. 

A few came in. He steped out. He checked out the church library.  She came and got him. “You are really hear. I tgought you were a figment of my imagination.” she said.  “I stil could be. “I said.

“No if you were my figment of my imigination you would be taller. “She said. ” whats with my height?” i asked. “Nothing!” she said. “Are you saying im short? Im five 11. Thats not bad!” i said.  “No your fine. Want to grab lunch? Its on me. ” she said. “Sure i dont know about that seccond part? “He said.

“Dont tell me your a chauvinist? ” she remarked. “I perfer to call it chivalry reverend becky.” he said. “My car or yours?” she asked. ” myne i feel strange about riding in a car that has a united Methodist bumper sticker. Even though i am away from the hill valey i could still see someone from hagger ville.  ” i said. 

They walked to the car πŸš—.  He opened the door for her. He got in. He had a collection of old hyms on cd.he turned it down.  “You only listened to hyms right?” she asked. “I do. You listen to k love mostly but probably like jaz and u2. ” i said.”you would be correct.  ” she said.  

At the restaurant we sat down to eat. ” are you a vegetarian?   I asked. “Yes i am. ” she asked. “Will you be moraly outraged if i order a steak?” he asked. She chuckled. ” no your fine.  I was prety sure that you were a carnivores.  ” she said. “Your not going to try to change me into a vegiterian?” i asked. “You figured out my diobolical scheme. I will have to engage in a mind wipe so you will forgot?” she said.”a what?” i asked. “Sory! If i came with a warning lable it would say”warning this person is known to make obscure. Science fiction references. ” she said.

” i thought star trek fans were 40 year old men who stil lived in there moms basement?” i remarked. “There are more of us then you know! Its from star trek five. Hey most men find female minister intimidating so it was either science fiction or becoming a cat lady. I do have a cat. His name is nelix!” she said. “Let me gues nelix is a charictor on star trek? ” i asked. “Yes that is correct. ” i said. 

“So are you woried being seen with a preachete? ” she asked. “I wasn’t.  Now that i think about it. I am a little.  ” i said.  ” i am sure you will be fine. You could always say i kidnapped you and forced you at pepper spray to come with me to lunch. ” she said. We both laughed and laughed at that.

She was so much fun. She was so silly! She had two sides to her. She had a work persona and an off work. She had a personal side. I had so much fun with her. We retroactively referred to this as date number two. 

She invited me to stay for there bible study. It was interesting. It was prety good.it was bible based. It was more earth based then i cared for. A bit sub surfaced. I stayed qiet. I decided to observe 

After the study she walked me to my πŸš—.  ” it was so good to see you.  I had a good day. “She told me. “I had. a good day too. Iam glad i came hear. ” i said. ” am i more relaxing then building a shack?” she asked. “Yes . much. “I said. “I am glad to hear that. If you perfeted contruction i might get a complex.  ” she said.they. laughed.

“Well have a safe trip back to hagervile!” she said. “Thanks  have a good night reverend beck. ” i said.”you realy need to stop calling me that pastor wallice. ” she said.  We laughed.

I got in the car and headed back.it had been a good day.  Certainly one i would never forgot. That day i thought i would never had a day like this again. This could never be topped but i would be wrong. 

To be continued.