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Unlikly couples part six 

Pastor becky was a united Methodist minister. She grew up in. A baptist circle.she abadoned Christianity but came back to it. Instead of going to fundimental baptist, she went to the evengelical mainline prostinent . she found something endearing about him. She found the more times she ran into him, the more she really liked him. 

She did not want to define there relationship, at least not this early on.so when he mentioned it, it threw her for a loop.  She panicked. 

For a while,she shut down.she decided she wanted a break. She needed time to catch her breath. He gave her a while. He decided to stop by on the way to see her. 

At first she did not want him to come by. He had this ability to melt her heart. She knew how she felt about him.  

He had a good weekend.  He enjoyed spending time at his old church. He enjoyed spending time with his family. He felt like he got to relive his childhood.  He was glad to have some time to recharge his bateries. 

He hoped she would call.  She did not.he wanted to call her. He knew he had to give her space. She needed time.  He missed her. He could not deny that. 

That sunday becky decided to preach at her church. Then she headed for craig’s family church. She was nervous.she considered heading back but she did not. She did want to see him. 

She arived in the early afternoon.  It was before they had a dinner. She saw pictures of the church. Sadie saw her. ” hi i did not know you were coming?” she said.” i did not know myself. ” she admited. 

“Does craig know your hear?”she asked. “No not yet. It was kinda on impulse i gues. So is this craig as a kid?”becky asked her. “Thats him. He was six when the church was started. I was a baby then. ” sadie said.

“He looks like he had a lot of energy back then?”becky asked. ” he did. Thats what i have heard. He was not hyper. He just had a lot of energy. ” sadie said. “Have you two always been close?” she asked.  “Prety much yea. I think the age difference was an obstacle but yea we have been prety close.  ” sadie said. 

” i like this pictute. ” becky said. “That was the five year anniversary.  He was 11. ” sadie said. 

During the diner the pastor prayed. Everyone started to go though the line. He saw her. “Beck what are you doing hear?” craig asked. ” i wanted to be hear. I know this is importent to you. Plus i think Its my turn to come see you. ” she said. ” i am not counting.  I am glad to see you. I missed you. ” he said.

“I missed you too.” he said. They sat down. They sat next to his parrents. “Mom and dad. I would like to meet becky granger. This is my parents pastor greg and jeen wallice. ” he said ” it is good to meet you. ” becky said. “It is good to meet you.” pastor wallice said. 

“I enjoyed seing early picture of the church.  ” Becky said. “Alot of these pictures were colecting dust. It was fun looking though old pictures. It brought back a lot of memories.  ” mrs wallice said. 

“So do you go to craig’s church?” his dad asked. ” no i go to a different church.” she said. She realy hoped they did not ask follow up questiones. 

During the afternoon,  he talked to his mom.” so is becky your girlfriend?”his mom asked. “We have not defined it yet. I hope so someday. I really like her. ” he said. “Your dad and i were prety sure you did. “She said. “I had no idea she was coming. It was quite a suprise” he said. 

They had a felowship time in the afternoon.  At night there was a service. After he and becky sat on the steps of his parents house. “I am so glad your hear bec. “He said. “I am glad i came. ” she said.

” i am sory i shut down. I just needed time. ” she said. ” i know.  I wanted to give you that time. It was hard but i knew you needed some space.  ” he said. “I did.  I like how you gave me space but also made it clear you were available.  Thank you. ” she said. 

“I am not trying to change you. I am not. Trying to turn you into a baptist or turn you into me. I love spending time with you.  I love being with you. I feel like i can be me around you. That is my only motive for being with me. ” he said. 

“I am beginning to realize that. I gues one of us will probably have to give up our dram for the other person.  I am not sure we can both pastor abd be maried. Im assuming you want to mary me!” she said. 

“I do. Are you open to marying me bec?” he asked. “Yes i am open to it.” she answered. He took her hand.”we have some hard decisions to make.  Lets talk about it. Lets work on her together. We can figure it out togerher. We dont have to solve everything now. I know i have been waiting for you.  There has never been anyone else not really. I have been wating a long time for you. “He told her. 

“I have dated before. There was a few that i thought was serious. Not like this. I got to warn you i going to drive you completly batty?” she said.

“I might do the same with you. I orginize my Sox draw several times until it is perfect. ” he said. ” that might drive me batty. ” she said. He chuckled.  

“Do you realy think this could work?” she asked. He squeezed her hand.”i think love is an emotion but i also think it is a choice.  It is a one tine choice folowed up by little chioces. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with me? Would you be happy about it?”he asked. 

She had a good imagination. She was good at visulizing things. She thought about there life together.  It caused her to smile. “Yea i think i would be happy about it. ” she said.

“I think your an amazing person bec.i really do. ” he said. “I did not think i was your type. ” she said. “So what is my type?” he asked in a playfull tone.

“Damure, submisive no independent thought. Shy. Barefoot and  pregnent. Someone who cooks and cleen. “She said. 

“Really?  No that is not my type. I am steriotypical typical independent baptist but i am not at the same time. Most fundamental baptist dont fit the steriotype. The steriotype is more hyperbole then reality. That is my type. ” he said 

“Well then pastor wallice what is your type?” she asked in a playful tone. “I dont want a clone of myself or an echo. I value intelligence.  I vailure wisdom.  I value different perspectives.  I have never been afraid to have my views chalenged. I dont believe i am right on everything’. I dont want to be arrogant.  I am sure i can be. I want someone who is smart,who can provide counsel.  I dont want damure.  I want someone who is submisive in the fact of not working against. Someone who is on the same team. Someone who may have strong opinions but is wiling to trust me. Someone who is wiling to give me the final authority.  I have never believed i have all the answers. I would hope to be able to earn your trust. As to barefoot you barly wear shoes for more then five minutes.  ” he said.

She laughed.  “True.  Trust is hard for me. I like being in charge of me. I know i am not realy in control. I know that as a human i am not realy in control.  As a Christian i am definently not in control.  I do want to control everything.  I know i cant but i would like to. To yield by choice.that does not come easily to me. I dont want a power strugle. It might me be easier for me to mary a united mathodist man who is damure himself.  ” she said.

“You would get bored eventually.  It might take time years.  You would tire of it. As would i with the wife you discribe. Mayby oposites do attract.  You and i do have similarities.  We are not as different as it apears. I think we may have more in comon then we believe.  ” he told her. 

“You could be right. This is so scary. If this does not work. We could realy hurt eachother. We could mess each other up. The damage could be irreparable.  I am afraid. I want this. I want you and i. Perhaps some things are impossible.  Some mountons cant be climbed. ” she said. 

“You could be right. There are limits. Some things aren’t ment to be. Some things are.  I dont believe this is impossible.  ” he told her. 

“I was miserable. This break did not work out. I was mad at first when you came. I was glad to see you. “She admited.

“Can we be a couple?  Can we date court whatever title you want to give it?” he asked.  “Ok. I will be your girlfriend. ” she said. “Awsome!” he said.

“By the way that eliphent reallt was riduculous. It take up half my living room. ” she said. “Yea it was an impulse gift. I probably should have put more thought in it. ” he said.”i loved it. I am going to tease about it incessantly but i loved it. Becky wallice does have a nice ring to it “she said.  “You meen reverend becky granger wallice? ” he asked.  “Funy!” she said.

She drove back to her house. They decided that he would stop by on his way to drop his sister off. This was a turning point for them. She called him when she got home. 

To be continued.  



Word from the Lord part nine

It was columbus’ day. While the holiday has become a day without any real meaning. It was hard for the Carlson family. It was the anniversary of one of the hardest days for there family. There were no classes that day. No classes in a way made it worse. He would almost prefer having classes so he would stay busy.
Derek focused on school work. At least he tried to focus on school way. His mind kept wondering. He could not concentrate. He tried everything but nothing worked. He had no idea what to do about it.
It was almost no use trying. He dared not be idle. If he was idle,Everything would flood back. He tried to force himself to focus. He could not.
All of his supresed emotions came back in a fury. He decided to give up trying to focus. His thoughts went in a thousand different directions . try as he did he was not accomplishing anything.
He felt like he had to stay busy. He did not want to have to feel today. He wanted to move on. It seemed he could not.
Then the phone rang .he was not sure he wanted to even look at the phone. He knew who it was by the ringtone. It was the hymm “Pentecostal power”.  He knew it was the girl he called kaetels .he decided to answer the phone.
“Hi Katie!” he said. She could tell that he did not want to talk. “Look I am worried about you dare bear. “She said. “Why?” he asked. “As I was reading the bible and praying . the holly sprit has been laying on my heart to call you. I don’t know why. he has not quit. Are you ok?”she asked . “yea I’m fine!” he answered.
“The holy Sprint made it abudently clear that I need to call you. I am certain that something is up. Your tone is off. You are aloof. What’s up dare? ” she asked. ” I am a little off. I do admit that . I’m ok. Its nothing. ” he said .
“Dare it’s more then being a little off. I know that. What’s wrong? Please tell me?” she said. “I am having trouble concentrating!”he said.
“What’s causing this ?” Katie asked.”a bunch of things. ” he said.she could tell that he did not want to talk about it. She suspected deep down that he really did want to talk about it. He was itching to discus it but he held back for whatever reason.
“Derrek what’s going on? I know something is bothering you. The holly sprit would not stop prompting me to call you. Your going to have to tell me eventually. I am hear for you. I am your best friend. ” she said.
“Ok! Today makes five years sense my brother Jason was killed in a car accident. For some reason this year is proving harder then then the last few years. I am not sure why. “He said.
“Your mom mentioned Jason. I did not want to pry. I am so sorry Derek. Why don’t I come over!” she said. “Oh I’m ok. I can deal with this. “He said. “You don’t have to. ” she said.
“I would prefer to be alone today. Besides I am really not very chatty. ” he said . “you don’t have to face this alone. My job is to be there for you.let me do my job. We don’t have to talk . we can just sit in silence. I will just be there if you need me. Please let me come over. ” she said.
“I don’t know Kate.I am really not up for visitors. I am a wreck. I would rather you not see me this way. ” he said.
“We have to accept each other as we are warts and all. That’s how it goes. We have to take the good and bad. I am coming over unless you really don’t want me to. ” she said.
“You can come over!” Derek said. “I will be right over.  We don’t have to talk or anything. I just don’t want you to be alone. ” she said .”ok . I. See you in a bit kaetels.” Derek said.
She hoped that it really was ok that she was coming over. She did not want to intrude . she wanted him to know that he could rely on her. She cared for him deeply.
The car arrived at her home. She parked the car. She got out and walked up his steps. He was there to meet her. He opened the door. She hugged him. He held on to her for a few seconds.
They went over to a porch swing. “Mayby I am not as ok as I thought.”Derek admired.”I knew that. ” she told him .she put her arm around him. They did not really engage in physical contact before today.
“You miss him?” she asked . “I do . Jason was a believer. I know he is with the Lord. He and I were very close. He was away at bible college when he died. He was killed in a hit and run. The driver was drunk. Jayse died at the scene. I thought I was over it. Today it has really hit me. I am not sure why!”he said.
“Well your getting older. Your nearing graduation. You are getting closer to venturing out on your own. He does not get to see the person you have become. Your bound to feel that loss. ” she told him.
“I gues I can see that. ” Derek responded. “Christians do not norn as those who have not hope but they do mourn. You miss him. That’s normal. ” she said.
“I know!” he said.”were you too close?” Katie asked. “We were. I was 16 when he died. I was 14 when he went off to bible college. My oldest brother is president of a smal independent bible college. He is very strict and conservative. He is a nice guy but a bit dull. My dad is very conservative but is a lot if fun as well. Mom is every funny as well. Rob is to the right of my dad and the apostle James. Jason was a little less moderate then rob but more conservative then Tom. He could relate to both of them. He encouraged me to go to bible college. At the time I was not interested. Theast thing he ever Said to me was that I had the gift of preaching. I had to use it. Its funny I had forgotten about that. “He said.
She rested her head on his shoulder. “What would Jason have thought of us?” she asked. “Another Pentecostal? What is this? This is the Pentecostal invasion of the family. He would complain but he would like you. He liked Tom’s wife. I wish you could have met him. ” he said.
He started to cry . he faught back the tears. He was very private. He wanted to show strength at all times. “Stop dare! Stop trying to be strong. I am not everyone else. I’m your Katie. Don’t be brave around. Me! This is why I am hear. I am hear to be your help!” she said.
He gave in.  The tears flooded she hugged him. He was not big on physical contact especially this early in there relationship. Right now he did not care. He held on her with all his might. She reciprocated. He allowed all to flow out that  he had been holding back for so long. He decided to throw qoation to the wind. He stoped holding back.
They held on to each either for an extended period of time. “I have held that in for a long time!” he said.”I knew that. Don’t do that! You try to be strong but that’s not really you. Be yourself around me. If you don’t I will kick your but!” she said .”ok!” he Saud. He laughed.
She took her hand. “I want to know you Derek Richard Carlson. You have to let me in. ” she told him.”ok!” he said.
“You say ok but do you really mean it? “She asked. “Will you kick my but if I don’t? ” he asked. “Yes I will.why are you so reluctant to let me get to know you? People say I have the gift of encoregement?I would hate to have this gift and not be able to not use it to encourage my husband.  Let me !”she said.
He wrapped his arms around her. “I want to trust you.I see nothing that would leed me to think I could int. In the short time I have known you you have always proven to be dependable. I do fully trust you.” he said.
“I love you. I am in your side. I am hear for you. ” She said.he started to cry again. “I gues I have been in Shock for a really long time. I had no idea how to express it. ” he said She hugged him. “Your not alone any more. I am not going any where. ” she said.
He wanted to trust her. He was scared. He knew that being married came with responsibilities. Being single ,you only had to be concerned with your own spiritual condition.  A married Christian man had to care for the spritutuel condition of his wife and if he had children , of them as well.
He realized just them that spiritual leadership of the family made him nervous. He had wanted to be married for a while now. He figured it was stil years away. He was slowly coming to the conclusion that katelyn was probably going to be his futur wife . that fact hit him as he was in her arms.
“What?” she asked.”I’m afraid! I gues I have viewed marriage as a concept . I believed it would happen. I do love you. I am just overwhelmed.” he said.
” I can understand that hunnie.it’s a big thing . it’s understandable . it is a big adjustment. ” She said.”I sm sorry I am all over the place today. I probably don’t make a lick of sense. “He said. “Your fine . stop being nervous around me. I won’t judge you. ” she said.
They spent most of the day together. She figured that his family would want some time together as a family. She decided that she would head back to her place before supper.
She went inside to use the bathroom. As she was heading back outside,she saw Derek’s mom. “Can you stay for supper tonight?” she asked “I was not planing to. I figured I would be heading back soon. ” Katie told her.
“Please stay!  Anna Carlson said. “Are you sure? I really don’t want to impose! If you need time as a family I totally understand. ” Katie said.she hugged her.”you are part of our family!  Anna said.
That night Derek’s father gave a blessing before they ate. “Today farther we are crushed but not destroyed. We morn but not as those without hope. You give ans take away but your name is stil blessed. We trust you even when we cannot see. We rejoice in the God of our salvation. We thank for this food as we’ll. Amen ” he said. Then they eat.
End of part nine