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Unlikly couples part 7

Becky came up the next weekend.  They had a picnic. He sat up a blanket in the park. They eat.

“Ok i want to play a get to know you game.  ” becky said. “Ok!” he said. “I am going to ask you questions.  I have to answer them as well. I wrote a bunch down. ” she said.  “Ok. Schoot!” he said. 

“Do you have any tatoos?” she asked.”no!  You?” he asked. “I have one.  It is a smal one.  It is on my shoulder. ” she said. “Let me guess, the united Methodist syimbol with open door open heart thing.” he said.”yes. I know that duturonomy does not allow tatoos. ” she said. “I was not going to bring that up. ” he said.  They laughed. 

“It is not repeated in the new testament.  ” she said. “I am aware of that. ” he said. ” i should not get defensive. ” she said. “No you should not. I am very easy going well for a fundimentulist. What is it you call me a fundy?” he asked.  

“Yes. Moving on. Have you ever kissed anyone?” she asked. “A little girl gave me a kiss on the cheak when i was 8. It was quite the scandle in the church. We all quite a lecture from the pastor. Other then that and family no. ” he said. 

“Well other then family of course. ” she said.”unless you live in alabama. “He said. “I can’t believe you went there! I cant take you anywhere can i?” she asked.  “No! Not without a buzzer or something! ” he said. She shock her head. 

“So! Do i have to beat this girl up?” she asked.  “No she is maried. She and her husband are missionaries to zambia. ” he said. “Ok! Just checking.” she said. 

“So your answer?” he asked. “I had a boyfriend in college.  We did kiss. I regret it now.  I have grown in maturity sense then. ” she said. ” was he a ministerial student?” he asked. “Yes he was. No he was not fithty. “She said. “So he was forty five?” he asked. She nabbed him. “No!” she said. 

“Ok. Next question? ” he said.  ” ever been to a foregn country?” she asked. “Yes i have.  I have been to canada,mexico,Haiti, brazile france and germany. “He said. “Missons trips?”she asked. “Hatie,mexixo and brazile was. I visited some missionary friends in eroupe but it was not technically a missionary trip per say. Canada was for missons conferences and to visit churches and friends. Have you visited foregn countries?”he asked.

“I visited canada, i have been to hobderas on a misons trip. I went to Guatemala and elsalvidor, those were misons trips.  I back packed though eroupe. I went to china as a tourest. I have been to Cuba. “She said. “I won’t ask. “He said. “Wise.”she said.they laughed. 

“Back pack tgough Europe.  People still do that? “He asked. “Myself and a few friends did. It was great.  ” she said.  “Were you able to eat?”he asked. “Most of the time!”she said. “Oh! That does not sound good! ” he said. “I lost weight.”she said. 

“Have you been to any concerts?” she asked. “Unless tou count mysic nights at a nearby independent baptist church no!”he said. “I figured.  I have been to Nickelback, lady gaga and justin bieber!”she said.

“Seriously?  Bieber?” he said. “Dont judge!”she said. “Come on that is so judge worthy!”he said. “Judge not.”she said. “There is difference between judging and discerning. I am discerning that is exceedingly silly on your part!” he remarked. 

“do you own a gun?”she asked. “schot gun. i am a hunter. “he said. “i dont own a gun. i dont hunt.”she said.”are you pro guntrol?” he asked. ” no but i am not a big fan of guns. i take it you love the seccond amendment?”she asked. “i do” he said.”figures!”she said.

“Have you been hospitalized for at least one night?”she asked. “Yea i had to have surgery on my leg after i fell off my bycicle as a teen. I had a favor and had to be hospitilized as a child. You?”he asked.

“I had a prety nasty virus a few years ago. I had a knee injery a few years back.” she told him.  

“Arested?” she asked. “No not so much as a speeding ticket. “He said. “You might get a drivng too slow sitation. My grandmother who is 80 years pld drives faster then you do ” she said.”what about you?” he asked. “I was arested during a protest. I spent a weekend in jail. It was a holiday weekend . evenidence proved i was peacefull and the charges were dropped. ” she said. ” thats good to hear. My future wife is not a fellon.”he said.”no im not. ” she said.

” do you smoke?” she asked. ” no.  You?” he asked. “No i dont. Spurgen smoked a pipe. ” she said. “And he beleved having a beard was a sign of sprituality. ” he said.  “Please promise you will never grow a beard?” she commented. “I am all set with beards. They are not realy my thing. ” he said. “Good!” she said. 

“Drinking? “She asked. “No i dont drink alcohol.  Do you?”he asked.” yes. I am a social drinking.  An actual social drinker. ” she said. “Oh!” he said. He got really qiet. 

“You dont aprove of drinking? ” she asked. “I am not a big fan of it.” he said.”i really dont drink that much or that often. ” she said. “Ok!” he said.

“Is this a deal breaker?” she asked.”no. Its not. We will work though it. ” he said. “Good.” she said. 

“Do you beleve in aliens?”she asked.”no i dont. You?”he asked. “No not at all. “She said. “Thats good to hear.”he said. 

“You snowmobile? ” She asked. ” yes i do. You?” she asked. “Yes i do. We wil have  to go ryding this winter?”he suggested. “Yea that would be great.”she said. ” that would be fun.” he said.

” can we ride in the same snowmobile, I can hold on to you.”she said.”oh ok. ” he said. 

“What is your biggest fear?” she asked.he breathed a bit. “I fear going though the motions.  I fear havin a form of godliness but lacking the power thereof.  I fear doing and saying the right things but losing my first love. I heard someone say the opposite of sucsess os not failure bit succeding in things that dont matter. “He said.

She could see the dispair in his eyes. She saw that this was a real fear. One that he thought about alot. 

“Promise you wont laugh about myine?”she asked. “Yea you have my word.”he said.”i fear the loss of control. I like being in control. I know that i am not always in control.the lord ia. I stil fight tooth and nail to stay on top. I know itis futile but i have trouble letting go ” she said. 

“Letting go is not weakness.  He wants us best. He looks out for our best even if we dont like it. It is not easy all the time. I know that first hand. I struggle with giving up control at times. ” he said.

“What is the answer? ” she asked. “Trust him. Trust that he wants your best. Maybe not what you beleve is best but it is best.  Trust that it is. ” he said. 

“I know that. ” she said. “Letting go is not easy but it is vital. It is worth it in the end.  ” he said. 

“So, what is a secret you have never told anyone? “She asked. “I staeted to wavor in my call to ministry. I knew that i was called to ministry. I considered going to business school. I even aply to a chriatian liberal arts school . i have the acceptance letter. I keep it in my office at home. I was reeding though first and second timouthy. I realized that when God calls someone,  it is for a reason. I never told anyone. Not even my parrents. I realized that God lets us go so far and then he stops us. He kinda says,’ok that will do it. Time to do it my way”. I am so glad i stopped and did not go in that direction. What about you?” he asked.

“When i was 17, i snunk out of the house and hung out with friends. It was horible. It was scary being out that late. I was convinced my parents were up waiting for me. I was able to sneek back in. To my knowledge my parents have no idea. I realized that i wont totaly be protected. There are times if i want to go my way i can. I was living Romans one or proverbs one that day. That was hardly my turning point but it was an importent step. It was the beggining of the long road back. ” she said. 

“Thank you for sharing that. Thank you for opening up. I feel like i know you so much now” he told her. “Thank you for sharing.  I feel the ssame  way. ” she told him. 

“Ok one more question? What is an embarrassing thing about you?” she asked. “Um.on ocasion i draw comics about zaping monstirs. It is prety blend. I dobt draw them very often. ” he said . “i want to see this. ” she said. “They are not very good. ” he said. “Stil i want to read them! You have to show them to me. ” she said. “Ok! I will. ” he said. “Good! “She said . 

“So whats yours? ” he asked. “I cant get to sleep unless i am huging my tedy bear i had as a kid!” she said. “No! Your kidding? ” he said “no im serious.  ” she said.he laughed.  “I had no idea. ” he said.

“So do you see us maried as something that probibly will happen?” she asked. “I do. I am open to the posibility that the lord could close the door.  Right now i am fairly confident that it wil happen. Is that how you feel?” he asked.

“It is. I was suprised by your wording.it was very definitive.  Certin.i had no idea you were that confident of this! “She said.

He hugged her. ” you are so special to me.i really beleve that the lord has brought us together. I dont understand it but i believe that.” he told her. 

She knew that he ment it. “I believe that too. It does not make sence. I think your right. ” she said. 

After lunch they played volly ball. They played a few rounds. Then they  decided to rest for a bit. “So did you mind answering my questiones?”she asked. “No not at all. “He said.”you opened uo quite a bit. I was suprised by your honesty. I appreciate it. I feel like i really do know more then i did. “She said.

“I feel the same way. Even though you wrote the quesrione. I senced the honesty. You risked being vanerable. I appreciate that.  ” he told her.

After a while she decided that she should head back. “I hate this part of the evening! ” she told him. “I know exactly what you mean.  I will miss you.”he said. 

He hugged her. He watched her get in the car and go. When she got home,she called him. ” hi hunnie,i made it home!”she said.”i am glad. I always worry”he said.

“Someday when i go home,i am taking you with me!”she said.”i cant wait!”he said. “I will talk to you later.goodnight. “she said. “You too.”he said. 

End of part 7

Next up sadie and becky hang out. 


Word from the Lord part nine

It was columbus’ day. While the holiday has become a day without any real meaning. It was hard for the Carlson family. It was the anniversary of one of the hardest days for there family. There were no classes that day. No classes in a way made it worse. He would almost prefer having classes so he would stay busy.
Derek focused on school work. At least he tried to focus on school way. His mind kept wondering. He could not concentrate. He tried everything but nothing worked. He had no idea what to do about it.
It was almost no use trying. He dared not be idle. If he was idle,Everything would flood back. He tried to force himself to focus. He could not.
All of his supresed emotions came back in a fury. He decided to give up trying to focus. His thoughts went in a thousand different directions . try as he did he was not accomplishing anything.
He felt like he had to stay busy. He did not want to have to feel today. He wanted to move on. It seemed he could not.
Then the phone rang .he was not sure he wanted to even look at the phone. He knew who it was by the ringtone. It was the hymm “Pentecostal power”.  He knew it was the girl he called kaetels .he decided to answer the phone.
“Hi Katie!” he said. She could tell that he did not want to talk. “Look I am worried about you dare bear. “She said. “Why?” he asked. “As I was reading the bible and praying . the holly sprit has been laying on my heart to call you. I don’t know why. he has not quit. Are you ok?”she asked . “yea I’m fine!” he answered.
“The holy Sprint made it abudently clear that I need to call you. I am certain that something is up. Your tone is off. You are aloof. What’s up dare? ” she asked. ” I am a little off. I do admit that . I’m ok. Its nothing. ” he said .
“Dare it’s more then being a little off. I know that. What’s wrong? Please tell me?” she said. “I am having trouble concentrating!”he said.
“What’s causing this ?” Katie asked.”a bunch of things. ” he said.she could tell that he did not want to talk about it. She suspected deep down that he really did want to talk about it. He was itching to discus it but he held back for whatever reason.
“Derrek what’s going on? I know something is bothering you. The holly sprit would not stop prompting me to call you. Your going to have to tell me eventually. I am hear for you. I am your best friend. ” she said.
“Ok! Today makes five years sense my brother Jason was killed in a car accident. For some reason this year is proving harder then then the last few years. I am not sure why. “He said.
“Your mom mentioned Jason. I did not want to pry. I am so sorry Derek. Why don’t I come over!” she said. “Oh I’m ok. I can deal with this. “He said. “You don’t have to. ” she said.
“I would prefer to be alone today. Besides I am really not very chatty. ” he said . “you don’t have to face this alone. My job is to be there for you.let me do my job. We don’t have to talk . we can just sit in silence. I will just be there if you need me. Please let me come over. ” she said.
“I don’t know Kate.I am really not up for visitors. I am a wreck. I would rather you not see me this way. ” he said.
“We have to accept each other as we are warts and all. That’s how it goes. We have to take the good and bad. I am coming over unless you really don’t want me to. ” she said.
“You can come over!” Derek said. “I will be right over.  We don’t have to talk or anything. I just don’t want you to be alone. ” she said .”ok . I. See you in a bit kaetels.” Derek said.
She hoped that it really was ok that she was coming over. She did not want to intrude . she wanted him to know that he could rely on her. She cared for him deeply.
The car arrived at her home. She parked the car. She got out and walked up his steps. He was there to meet her. He opened the door. She hugged him. He held on to her for a few seconds.
They went over to a porch swing. “Mayby I am not as ok as I thought.”Derek admired.”I knew that. ” she told him .she put her arm around him. They did not really engage in physical contact before today.
“You miss him?” she asked . “I do . Jason was a believer. I know he is with the Lord. He and I were very close. He was away at bible college when he died. He was killed in a hit and run. The driver was drunk. Jayse died at the scene. I thought I was over it. Today it has really hit me. I am not sure why!”he said.
“Well your getting older. Your nearing graduation. You are getting closer to venturing out on your own. He does not get to see the person you have become. Your bound to feel that loss. ” she told him.
“I gues I can see that. ” Derek responded. “Christians do not norn as those who have not hope but they do mourn. You miss him. That’s normal. ” she said.
“I know!” he said.”were you too close?” Katie asked. “We were. I was 16 when he died. I was 14 when he went off to bible college. My oldest brother is president of a smal independent bible college. He is very strict and conservative. He is a nice guy but a bit dull. My dad is very conservative but is a lot if fun as well. Mom is every funny as well. Rob is to the right of my dad and the apostle James. Jason was a little less moderate then rob but more conservative then Tom. He could relate to both of them. He encouraged me to go to bible college. At the time I was not interested. Theast thing he ever Said to me was that I had the gift of preaching. I had to use it. Its funny I had forgotten about that. “He said.
She rested her head on his shoulder. “What would Jason have thought of us?” she asked. “Another Pentecostal? What is this? This is the Pentecostal invasion of the family. He would complain but he would like you. He liked Tom’s wife. I wish you could have met him. ” he said.
He started to cry . he faught back the tears. He was very private. He wanted to show strength at all times. “Stop dare! Stop trying to be strong. I am not everyone else. I’m your Katie. Don’t be brave around. Me! This is why I am hear. I am hear to be your help!” she said.
He gave in.  The tears flooded she hugged him. He was not big on physical contact especially this early in there relationship. Right now he did not care. He held on her with all his might. She reciprocated. He allowed all to flow out that  he had been holding back for so long. He decided to throw qoation to the wind. He stoped holding back.
They held on to each either for an extended period of time. “I have held that in for a long time!” he said.”I knew that. Don’t do that! You try to be strong but that’s not really you. Be yourself around me. If you don’t I will kick your but!” she said .”ok!” he Saud. He laughed.
She took her hand. “I want to know you Derek Richard Carlson. You have to let me in. ” she told him.”ok!” he said.
“You say ok but do you really mean it? “She asked. “Will you kick my but if I don’t? ” he asked. “Yes I will.why are you so reluctant to let me get to know you? People say I have the gift of encoregement?I would hate to have this gift and not be able to not use it to encourage my husband.  Let me !”she said.
He wrapped his arms around her. “I want to trust you.I see nothing that would leed me to think I could int. In the short time I have known you you have always proven to be dependable. I do fully trust you.” he said.
“I love you. I am in your side. I am hear for you. ” She said.he started to cry again. “I gues I have been in Shock for a really long time. I had no idea how to express it. ” he said She hugged him. “Your not alone any more. I am not going any where. ” she said.
He wanted to trust her. He was scared. He knew that being married came with responsibilities. Being single ,you only had to be concerned with your own spiritual condition.  A married Christian man had to care for the spritutuel condition of his wife and if he had children , of them as well.
He realized just them that spiritual leadership of the family made him nervous. He had wanted to be married for a while now. He figured it was stil years away. He was slowly coming to the conclusion that katelyn was probably going to be his futur wife . that fact hit him as he was in her arms.
“What?” she asked.”I’m afraid! I gues I have viewed marriage as a concept . I believed it would happen. I do love you. I am just overwhelmed.” he said.
” I can understand that hunnie.it’s a big thing . it’s understandable . it is a big adjustment. ” She said.”I sm sorry I am all over the place today. I probably don’t make a lick of sense. “He said. “Your fine . stop being nervous around me. I won’t judge you. ” she said.
They spent most of the day together. She figured that his family would want some time together as a family. She decided that she would head back to her place before supper.
She went inside to use the bathroom. As she was heading back outside,she saw Derek’s mom. “Can you stay for supper tonight?” she asked “I was not planing to. I figured I would be heading back soon. ” Katie told her.
“Please stay!  Anna Carlson said. “Are you sure? I really don’t want to impose! If you need time as a family I totally understand. ” Katie said.she hugged her.”you are part of our family!  Anna said.
That night Derek’s father gave a blessing before they ate. “Today farther we are crushed but not destroyed. We morn but not as those without hope. You give ans take away but your name is stil blessed. We trust you even when we cannot see. We rejoice in the God of our salvation. We thank for this food as we’ll. Amen ” he said. Then they eat.
End of part nine

Word from the Lord part two

In the couple days sence the infamous Saturday, he went to his church ,worked and attended classes. He focused on what he was doing. Monday night he let himsf think. He decided to ask her out for coffee. What harm would it do? . it was one date. Mayby she had moved on. Mayby she lost interest.
He could not believe he was really doing this. He picked up his cell phone. He had her on his contact list. He started at it for a few seconds. He almost pushed the call button. He stoped. After a while he pressed the button. He was committed now.
The phone started to rig. It felt like time had stoped. He started to get really nervous. He considered hanging up. Then she answered.a soft voice on the other end chimed in. “Hello!”she said. “Katie !”Derek said. “Hi Derek!”she said.
When Katie first got the mesege from the Lord about Derek,she was shocked but was also excited. She just accepted it. She asked no questiones.
She did not understand why Derek reacted the way he did. She did no waver in that conviction. She gave him her number in order to put it in her court. She wished she had gotten his number. She felt he should decide how to proceed. By the time he did call,she had given up.
“Can we get to gather tomorrow for coffee. If you drink coffee?”he asked. “Yea that would be great. ” she answered. “Do you meet me st all’s coffee shop around 8:30?”he asked .”yea that’s works for me!”sher replied.
“Great.I will see you then. “He told her. “I look forward to it. “She declared. “Me too !”he said.then the phone call ended .
He could not believe that he had just done that. This was not like him. It was sureel. He could not believe that he had just called a complete stranger and arranged a date. He considered calling back and canceling. He decided not to do that. He wanted to give this s chance.
He tried to remane calm. He tried not to obsess over it. He tried to overplan for it. The next morning he woke up and got ready to go.
He drove to the cofe shop. He was not sure what she had for a car. He saw a car that had a klove bumper sticker and other Christian bumper sticker.he figured it was her.he parked next to her.
He excited his car. He went inside.he saw her. She wore a pink t shirt with a green skirt and flip flops. He walked towards her. She turned around abd saw him.there eyes met and they both smiled back.
She feared that he would stand her up. She feared he might get too nervous. Hear he was. She got up.”hi!”she said. “Hi!”he said.they Sat down.
“I was afraid I scared her off!”she said.” I was certenty taken aback. I never expected that. ” he answered.she laughed.
“So do you stil think that God wants us to be a couple?”he asked. “Absolutely! “She reaplied.
“I would be remis if I did not bring up the fact that as a I.f.b ,I. Want to start churches in that mode .I feel strongly that the gits of lounges abd prophecy have ceased. ” he said.
“I know that. “She said. “I can’t see myself changing those views . in the remote chance I altered that view ,I do not believe that I would permit it during a service. ” he said. ” I appreciate your honesty. I figured that that was the case. My purpose was not to turn you Pentecostal. I do not believe this to be from me. The fact we are hear is a confirmation. “She responded.
“I would think you would perfect that I did embrace the Pentecostal view on tounges!”he remarked. “To be honest,yes I would perfer it. I sm no illusion that you will become a Pentecostal. It is not a deal breaker.I do feel strongly about my views on tongues. I do not see myself altering my views. Having Said that, I respect your views . I would never undermine you. I would practice tounges in private .”she told him.
“That’s fine. I would be asking a lot if you. There is no denying that. I am not unsyimphetic of that. I know both sides feel very strongly on this . I am surprise that you are even considering that. “He said.
“Ordinarily I probably would not. I am totally certain that you and I are supposed to be together. I gues I believe there is a plan to all of this. I don’t get all of it but I trust his plan. “She said.
“How can you be so confident? “He asked .”I just am. I have a peace about it. “She said. “What if your wrong ?”he asked. “I admit if I was wrong it would be a huge risk. My belief have only grown sense I received it. “She answered.
“You are taking a big risk. I feel very strongly about my views. I believe that they are in accordance with God’s word. I realize that you take your views seriously. I fear that you will be discounted. ” he said.
“Any Christian wife takes a risk. All I ask is that you submit to Christ. If you do that, I believe the rest will short itself out. ” she said.
“That is important to me.I take the role of a husband very seriously. ” he said. “I sense that. “She said. “It won’t be easy. I think I will it be harder on you. I fear that you will not be fully prepared for this. ” he said.”I may not be!  She said.
“I.v.b can come off as strict. We are conservative on a lot if things. Do you know much about us?”he asked. “Sence Saturday I did some research.your not landmark are you?” she asked.
“No I am not landmark. I keen towards the principal view. I believe that Baptist principles have exciated in some form sence before the reformation. I don’t believe that Baptist are protestants per say. In fact proto Baptist were persecuted by protestants over baptism by Emerson. No I do not hold to landmark theology. “He said.
“You don’t see yourself as a protestant. “She commented. “No I don’t. We are closer to protestants but different . “he said. “Are you king James only?”she asked. “I am not king James only. I don’t use any version other then king James for the most part. I perfer the text used in king James over the nestle text.” he said.
“You singo only. The hyims?”she asked. “Yes. We don’t believe that ccm is aceptible. ” he said. “I figured. I am in my church worship team. I listen to ccm. “She said .”I know I saw your bumper sticker. “He said. “I understand if you start a church you will confine singing to hyms . I hope that you will let me listen to k love when your not around. “She said. “That would be fair. “He said.
” we’ll I don’t want this to sound like a job intervue but I believe that I have a lot to offer. I believe I have gifts and abilities that would compliment being a pastors wife. I believe I can be a good partner. I have been told I have the gift of encouragement. I play the piano. I am good at finances.my peanut butter chocolate cake is legendary!”she said. “You make chicken said?” he asked. “I do. I will make it for you sometime. I go easy on celery. ” she said. “I look forward to it. ” he said.
“I really think I have the skill set needed to be a good pastors wife. “She said. “I could see that. In the short time I have known you, I can definitely see qualities that are needed in a pastors wife.  ” he said.she smiled.
“You want to start new churches?”she asked. “My dad had started three. He has only padtored churches he started. I would like to do the same. “He said. “My farther is a pastor. In our denomination the pastor go where they are sent. “She said.
“It can be a long process. Weeks of no one coming. Lots of turnovers. There are ups and down especially at the beginning.”he said. “Understandible. “He said. “Sucess is not assured. Failure is a possibility. ” he said. “Of course “he said.
After they finished, he walked her to his car.  “Are you oppen to the posibity that this is from the Lord?'”she asked. “I am not sure yet. “He answered. “Ok “she said.
“Not what you wanted to hear?” he asked. ”  no but it’s ok. I can be patient. ” She said. ” I feel I have to be caucious. I have to go slow. ” he told her. “I know. I am in a different place then you. Your still wondering if this could be Gods will. I have answered that questione in my mind. My starting point in that it is ,yours is is it? I am ready to start planing our future. Your still wondering if we have one. It is hard for me. “She said.
“I had a good time today. I am looking forward to getting to know you. ” he said. “I know that you are a  sinner. I am going to fail you.I am going to disipoint you. I believe that you and I will be good to gather. Give us a chance. Give me a chance ” She said. They said there goodbyes. They got In there cars and went there separate ways for now.
End of part two.