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Unlikly couples part five

The next day,craig called becky.  She did not answer. He left a vioce mail.”hi beck its Craig.  Look i just wanted to say hi. Call me when you can. “He said.

He was sad that she did not answer. Mayby she was buisy. He wanted to talk to her.  He decided to wait and try later. She did not call back . he tried to call her again. He could not get a hold of her. 

He decided to give her some space. He waited. On Tuesday she called him.he ran for the phone. ” hi hunnie!”he said. ” hi Craig.  Look i am sorry i have been distent for the last few days. I want to take a break for a while.  “Becky told him. 

“Oh ok!  If that is  what you want. For how long?” he asked. “Im not sure. I don’t know if this is a good idea. You and i. We are just too different. I am just not  sure we can make it work. I think we need to take a step back and give this some thought.  “She said. 

“Oh ok. If thats what you feel is best. Bec i really care about you. I want to make this work. “Craig said. “Your a sweet guy. I just dont know. I will let you go. “She said. “Ok. ” he answered. 

He said his goodbye.  He was sad to hear that. He wanted to continue this relationship.  He wished he had not said anything.  He hardly new how to break this stand still. He did not want it to end this way. 

He tried to focus on the church.  He tried to stick to bussiness. It was not easy. He still wanted this relationship. He hoped that this was not really the end. 

He checked her face book page. Her post were church ot community events. Nothing too much. She shared some post from united methodist church and music page. He hated staying away.  

He wrote her a note. One he never intended to send. He told her how he missed her. When they were maried she found it. It was one of her favorate notes from him. 

It was two weeks sence he last spoke to her. He hoped he would have been ok but he was not. He stil missed her. Nothing has changed. He knew that they had a lot of hurdles. Being apart was not the answer. Trying to ignore how they felt was not working. He did not know what else to do. 

He wanted to call her. He felt he should not. He felt he should honor her wishess. He did need to give her some space.  Even though it was hard.  He used the time to get closer to the lord. He tried to prepare his heart. He started to see this as an oportunity to get closer to God.  

He had been invited to attend the 20th anniversary of his the church his farther founded. He decided to go. This was a huge development for the church that inspired him. This started his road to ministry. He was excited to celebrate it.  

He agreed to pic up his sister sadie who lived in between hagervile and his parents in the town of morrison. Stoping to pic up sadie in dawson would justify pasing though where reverend becky lived. He could say he was just pasing though. 

He found a large stuffed eliphent. He decided to get it for becky. He would give it to it. It was huge and barly fit in the car. He hoped that she would accept it. Not only for the syimbolism but because it took so much space. If she did not accept it. Perhaps he coukd give it to his baby sister and youngest brother. 

He arived at sadie’s apartment. She saw the large animal. “What is that?” she asked. “I want to make a stop on our way. It is for a friend.  ” he said. “Ok. Where are we stoping?” she asked. “Foster. ” he said. “Who do you know in foster?” she asked.  

They drove to Becky’s house. Becky lived in the parsonage.  She was the first pastor to do in quite a while. The parsonage was rented out to a family. They decided to move just before she was called to pastor.  She decided to move in sense she was not from the area. It worked out for her. 

He saw her car so she figured that she was home. He parked the car. Sadie was confused by all this. “You have a friend who is united Methodist? “She asked.   “Yea. She is really nice!” he said. “She?” sadie asked. They got out of the car. He had trouble moving the eliphent.  

Becky had a low key morning. She was easing into the morning.  She read from the bible and drank cofee and had toast. She was spending tine at her house. Later she planed to go to her church office. She wore a black t shirt abd jeens and was barefoot.  Usualy she wore skirts. She figured that she would change before she went to the office.  She saw the car in her drivway. She recognized the car. She did not recognize the young women with him. Why was he hear? 

She wanted to run away. She decided to talk to him. She sliped on flip flops and went out to see him. “Hi beck. Look i know that you and i are on a break. I am heading to see my parents and i wanted to say hi. I have something for you? ” he told her. 

She looked the stuffed animal over. “An eliphent really?” she said . she rolled her eyes as she said it. “I thought it was ironic. ” he said. ” oh!” she said. 

“This is my sister sadie. Sadie this is becky granger. ” he said. “It is good to meet you?” sadie said. “It is good to meet you. ” becky said. “Sade can beck and i have a few minutes? ” he asked. ” sure! ” she said.

Becky and craig walked around the propery. ” look i know you wanted me to stay away for a while. I wont stay long. I am sory i brought up the whole dating thing. I should have known that it was not thr right time to bring it up. I got inpatcent. I know there are a thousands obsticles to our relationship.  There are probaly hurdles we have not even considered. We are different in so many ways. We have almost nothing in common. ” he said. 

“You know you are not doing a good job selling this?” she asked. ” i know. This is not going to be easy. This might be the hardest thing we have ever done or will do. There are a thousand reason why we should not do this. Why we just walk away. I can only think of one reason why we should persure this. ” he said. 

” whats that? ” she asked.  ” its Gods will. Who the lord has joined together,  let no man tear asunder. I believe that. I dont totaly understand it. You said you enjoyed being with me. I love being with you.  When i am i dont want to be anywhere else. I know you feel the same way.  It was not love at first sight. That night at the cofee shop i thought this is her,this is my wife. I dont have all the answers.  I dont have any answers. I know your afraid to get close to me. I understand why. I have a lot of love to give. Thats what i came to say. Call me if you want to. ” he told her. 

He started to walk away. “Craig! Wait!” she said. He stopped. She hugged him. He held on to her. “I mised you. I will call you later ok?” she said. “Ok!” ” he said smiling. 

She walked him to his car. “It was good to meet you sadie. We will have to talk sometime. ” shw said. “I would like that. ” she said. They said there goodbyes.  They drove off.

 “You have some explaning to do.  ” his sister said.  ” i know. We met while i was on my way home from visiting my college. I happened to stop there. I did not know that it was a united Methodist. She came up to say hi. A couple houers later…” he said.  She laughed. “We went to a cofe shop. A week later i came to visit her. A week after that she came to see me. We did not define our relationship.  We just kept seing eachother. It was going great until i opened my big mouth. I asked what this was. I kind of wrecked every thing. ” he said. 

“Well ,you could have not have known that will be the result. You were understandibly curious.  Who would not be?” sadie said. “You know me i am inpatient.  What if i did irreparable damage?”he asked. ” she feels the same as you do. I can tell. She is just afraid. “She said.  

“What is she afraid off?”he asked. “You and her not working out. She probably thinks one of you will give up there dream. She assumes it will be her. I think there is more. There are a lot of things that could go wrong.i can tell she cares for you deeply.  She does want this.  I am sure of that. “She told him.

“What do i do?”he asked. “The thing your not good at. Being patient.  “She said. “I knew that was coming. Ok. “He said. “I think you two can work all this out. I realy do. I should have known you would find someone evenually. Mayby your not called to singleness!”she said. “Did you think you were?”she asked. “No but i was begining to wounder. “He said. She laughed. 

“I like her. “Sadie asked. “How am i going to sell her to mom and dad?”he asked. “You could tell them she is a catholic and then when they calm down tell them the truth ” she said. “I dont think that will help. ” he said. She chuckled. “Probably not. ” she said. 

“It certainly does complicate things. ” he said. “It does . the most worthwhile things usually are. ” she said. 

End of part five. 

Next up becca and craig sit down for a heart to heart talk during his dads church’s anniversary. 


Word from the Lord part seven.

” like I have said,I am not trying to change your views. I don’t want to unduly influence you. I want you to be right with the Lord. Thsts what I want. For me the word is a blesing from the Lord. I rejoice over it. It energizes me. I am surprised by your reluctence but I accept it. I wish you would dive right in. I do understand . it’s hard I admit that. “She told him.
“I wish we had met spontaneously. I wish that it had not been because of the word. I am not trying to be stubborn or ideological. I have concerns about this. I cannot get pass them. “He said.
“I do get where your going from dere I do. It hard for me to understand why your holding back.I do get it but it’s hard. I am in a different place then you are. I get it. I feel like your holding back. If you hold back I have to hold back and I don’t want to hold back. I understand we have to hold back a little thus early in this relationship but we have both had to overcompinsate and that’s sad” she said.
“Look I always believed that my future wife would be independent fundamental Baptist. I can entertain the possibility that my spouse might not be I.f.b. I can even accept that my future spouse could be from a Pentecostal church. The problem is the word.that is my issue. We would not be hear we’re it not for the word. Nothing would have occurred until after that word.” he answered.
“I know that. I think I understand your view. I even respect your perspective and I honestly do.  I see you and I see everything coming into view. Everything is making sense. I see our future together and it excites me. I can’t wait! We will minister together have kids grand kids. It will be cool. “She said.
He did not alow himself to go there. He did not imagine that. He would not go there.
“I am sory.  I can’t see that it could be God’s Will. I feel I have to hold back . I am stil searching.stil trying to figure it out!” he said.
“What if you knew it was God’s will? Would you be happy with it?”she asked. “Yes I would be!”he answered . ” you must not think that it is not God’s will.if you did you would not even keep the door oppen. ” she said.
“I am not convinced it is against God’s will at this point.I don’t feel I should run away from you. ” he told her.
“That’s good. I am glad to hear that. Why don’t you feel like diving in ?”she asked. “I just don’t yet feel at liberty to do so. “He said.
“What are you waiting for. What do you need to change your mind?” she asked.”I don’t know yet. ” he said.
“I see. I can be patcient. I just hope it will be sooner then later. I am both that  patcient. “She said. “I will keep that in mind. ” he told her.
She hoped that he would jump right in. She hoped that he would embrace. It. It had not happened yet.
She decided that the conversation was not going any where right now.she decided that maybe her inclination towards backing off for a bit was the right one. Mayby she should have stayed away a little longer.
“Well I should probably get going I sapose. “She said. “Ok I will walk you to the car.” ” he walk.they walked to  car. They did not engage in any physical contact yet.
“I will see you around !” she said.”if course. ” he said. They said there good nights. He watched her drive off.
If he did not feel confused before ,he certainly did now. He came to the conclusion that if he asked her to leave her life ,she would . was that really want he wanted? He did not know. He should get an answer soon. He owed that to her.  It was not fair to string her along.he did not want to do that .
He went to work in the morning. He had class at two in the afternoon. He left fairly early that morning.
His mom was holding the baby.the younger boys were playing near her on the floor. The phone went off. “Hello!” Anna Carlson said.”hi Mrs Carlson it’s Katie.”she said. “Hi Katie please call me Anna. ” she said.”ok! I have a little but before class. Can I come over for a bit?”Katie asked. “Sure? Come on over. ” she said .
“Ok I will see you in a little bit !”Katie answered. ” look forward to it. ” she answered.
She came over. She knocked on the door. ” come in !” Anna said. “Hi Mrs. Anna it will take some getting use to . ” Katie said. “I have some coffee . I heard that you we’re a coffe aholic. ” Anna said.”it’s true !”she said.
She got a cup of coffee and Sat down. She asked if she could pick up the baby. She smiled at her. “She seams to like you!”Anna said.”the feeling is quite mutual!”she said
“Derek and her are quite close.the kids all love there brother Derek. My two oldest Rob and Tom who you know have been on there own for a while. Jason died in a car accident. ” she said.
Katie did not want to press her on this . Derek never mentioned losing a brother. She suspected that it was something he did not care to dwell on. “To the other kids he is almost the oldest brother. ” she said.she tired to change the subject “yea ! He is really good at it. He will make a good farther one day.” she said.
“I have no doubt about that. ” she told her. ” my husband and I are really pleased with how he has matured .he was never immature but he has really grown spiritually. His dad is menturing him in the ministry. He has gone on visitation as well as teaches Sunday school and preaches. ” she said.”I would love to hear him preach. “Katie said.
“I am sure that you will get your chance. Do you feel called to s pastors wife? ” Anna asked.”I do. I love the idea if plating new churches. I play the piano.I feel called to. Minister to other ladies and children. I would love to Serve the Lord with Derek. I think we would make a good team. ” Katie Said.
“I think you would too. ” his mom said. ” I was worried that you might not be supportive of us. I definitely believe in parental oversight of a marriage of there children. “Katie said.
“Dennis and I were a bit taken a back at first. We had no idea that he had met anyone . there is nothing that would make us question you and him. ” Anna said.
“I really don’t intend on trying to convert him to a Pentecostal.  I know how strongly he feels about Independent fundamental baptism.I appreciate his wanting to be separated from the world and worldly doctrine. ” she told Anna.
“We do tease Thomas but we do love him.we are all close with His wife. He has great kids! He is a great farther and husbands. He is a godly man. Derek is different. ” Anna said.
“I am quite smitten with Derek. “She said.”I can tell. ” Anna said. “I am probably a bit obvious  I gues. ” Katie said.”a little!” Anna said.
” I guess I am not surprised. ” Katie said. Anna laughed. After a while she said her goodbyes. 
“Thank you so much for letting me come over!”Katie said”it was my pleasure! Why don’t you come for super tonight?” she asked.” are you sure?” Katie asked. “Yea I am sure !”Anna said.
Katie hoped that Derek would be ok with her being there at super that night. She hoped that he would be informed ahead of time that she was going to be there. She hoped he would be ok with it. She would find out.
End of part seven.