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Unlikly couples part 7

Becky came up the next weekend.  They had a picnic. He sat up a blanket in the park. They eat.

“Ok i want to play a get to know you game.  ” becky said. “Ok!” he said. “I am going to ask you questions.  I have to answer them as well. I wrote a bunch down. ” she said.  “Ok. Schoot!” he said. 

“Do you have any tatoos?” she asked.”no!  You?” he asked. “I have one.  It is a smal one.  It is on my shoulder. ” she said. “Let me guess, the united Methodist syimbol with open door open heart thing.” he said.”yes. I know that duturonomy does not allow tatoos. ” she said. “I was not going to bring that up. ” he said.  They laughed. 

“It is not repeated in the new testament.  ” she said. “I am aware of that. ” he said. ” i should not get defensive. ” she said. “No you should not. I am very easy going well for a fundimentulist. What is it you call me a fundy?” he asked.  

“Yes. Moving on. Have you ever kissed anyone?” she asked. “A little girl gave me a kiss on the cheak when i was 8. It was quite the scandle in the church. We all quite a lecture from the pastor. Other then that and family no. ” he said. 

“Well other then family of course. ” she said.”unless you live in alabama. “He said. “I can’t believe you went there! I cant take you anywhere can i?” she asked.  “No! Not without a buzzer or something! ” he said. She shock her head. 

“So! Do i have to beat this girl up?” she asked.  “No she is maried. She and her husband are missionaries to zambia. ” he said. “Ok! Just checking.” she said. 

“So your answer?” he asked. “I had a boyfriend in college.  We did kiss. I regret it now.  I have grown in maturity sense then. ” she said. ” was he a ministerial student?” he asked. “Yes he was. No he was not fithty. “She said. “So he was forty five?” he asked. She nabbed him. “No!” she said. 

“Ok. Next question? ” he said.  ” ever been to a foregn country?” she asked. “Yes i have.  I have been to canada,mexico,Haiti, brazile france and germany. “He said. “Missons trips?”she asked. “Hatie,mexixo and brazile was. I visited some missionary friends in eroupe but it was not technically a missionary trip per say. Canada was for missons conferences and to visit churches and friends. Have you visited foregn countries?”he asked.

“I visited canada, i have been to hobderas on a misons trip. I went to Guatemala and elsalvidor, those were misons trips.  I back packed though eroupe. I went to china as a tourest. I have been to Cuba. “She said. “I won’t ask. “He said. “Wise.”she said.they laughed. 

“Back pack tgough Europe.  People still do that? “He asked. “Myself and a few friends did. It was great.  ” she said.  “Were you able to eat?”he asked. “Most of the time!”she said. “Oh! That does not sound good! ” he said. “I lost weight.”she said. 

“Have you been to any concerts?” she asked. “Unless tou count mysic nights at a nearby independent baptist church no!”he said. “I figured.  I have been to Nickelback, lady gaga and justin bieber!”she said.

“Seriously?  Bieber?” he said. “Dont judge!”she said. “Come on that is so judge worthy!”he said. “Judge not.”she said. “There is difference between judging and discerning. I am discerning that is exceedingly silly on your part!” he remarked. 

“do you own a gun?”she asked. “schot gun. i am a hunter. “he said. “i dont own a gun. i dont hunt.”she said.”are you pro guntrol?” he asked. ” no but i am not a big fan of guns. i take it you love the seccond amendment?”she asked. “i do” he said.”figures!”she said.

“Have you been hospitalized for at least one night?”she asked. “Yea i had to have surgery on my leg after i fell off my bycicle as a teen. I had a favor and had to be hospitilized as a child. You?”he asked.

“I had a prety nasty virus a few years ago. I had a knee injery a few years back.” she told him.  

“Arested?” she asked. “No not so much as a speeding ticket. “He said. “You might get a drivng too slow sitation. My grandmother who is 80 years pld drives faster then you do ” she said.”what about you?” he asked. “I was arested during a protest. I spent a weekend in jail. It was a holiday weekend . evenidence proved i was peacefull and the charges were dropped. ” she said. ” thats good to hear. My future wife is not a fellon.”he said.”no im not. ” she said.

” do you smoke?” she asked. ” no.  You?” he asked. “No i dont. Spurgen smoked a pipe. ” she said. “And he beleved having a beard was a sign of sprituality. ” he said.  “Please promise you will never grow a beard?” she commented. “I am all set with beards. They are not realy my thing. ” he said. “Good!” she said. 

“Drinking? “She asked. “No i dont drink alcohol.  Do you?”he asked.” yes. I am a social drinking.  An actual social drinker. ” she said. “Oh!” he said. He got really qiet. 

“You dont aprove of drinking? ” she asked. “I am not a big fan of it.” he said.”i really dont drink that much or that often. ” she said. “Ok!” he said.

“Is this a deal breaker?” she asked.”no. Its not. We will work though it. ” he said. “Good.” she said. 

“Do you beleve in aliens?”she asked.”no i dont. You?”he asked. “No not at all. “She said. “Thats good to hear.”he said. 

“You snowmobile? ” She asked. ” yes i do. You?” she asked. “Yes i do. We wil have  to go ryding this winter?”he suggested. “Yea that would be great.”she said. ” that would be fun.” he said.

” can we ride in the same snowmobile, I can hold on to you.”she said.”oh ok. ” he said. 

“What is your biggest fear?” she asked.he breathed a bit. “I fear going though the motions.  I fear havin a form of godliness but lacking the power thereof.  I fear doing and saying the right things but losing my first love. I heard someone say the opposite of sucsess os not failure bit succeding in things that dont matter. “He said.

She could see the dispair in his eyes. She saw that this was a real fear. One that he thought about alot. 

“Promise you wont laugh about myine?”she asked. “Yea you have my word.”he said.”i fear the loss of control. I like being in control. I know that i am not always in control.the lord ia. I stil fight tooth and nail to stay on top. I know itis futile but i have trouble letting go ” she said. 

“Letting go is not weakness.  He wants us best. He looks out for our best even if we dont like it. It is not easy all the time. I know that first hand. I struggle with giving up control at times. ” he said.

“What is the answer? ” she asked. “Trust him. Trust that he wants your best. Maybe not what you beleve is best but it is best.  Trust that it is. ” he said. 

“I know that. ” she said. “Letting go is not easy but it is vital. It is worth it in the end.  ” he said. 

“So, what is a secret you have never told anyone? “She asked. “I staeted to wavor in my call to ministry. I knew that i was called to ministry. I considered going to business school. I even aply to a chriatian liberal arts school . i have the acceptance letter. I keep it in my office at home. I was reeding though first and second timouthy. I realized that when God calls someone,  it is for a reason. I never told anyone. Not even my parrents. I realized that God lets us go so far and then he stops us. He kinda says,’ok that will do it. Time to do it my way”. I am so glad i stopped and did not go in that direction. What about you?” he asked.

“When i was 17, i snunk out of the house and hung out with friends. It was horible. It was scary being out that late. I was convinced my parents were up waiting for me. I was able to sneek back in. To my knowledge my parents have no idea. I realized that i wont totaly be protected. There are times if i want to go my way i can. I was living Romans one or proverbs one that day. That was hardly my turning point but it was an importent step. It was the beggining of the long road back. ” she said. 

“Thank you for sharing that. Thank you for opening up. I feel like i know you so much now” he told her. “Thank you for sharing.  I feel the ssame  way. ” she told him. 

“Ok one more question? What is an embarrassing thing about you?” she asked. “Um.on ocasion i draw comics about zaping monstirs. It is prety blend. I dobt draw them very often. ” he said . “i want to see this. ” she said. “They are not very good. ” he said. “Stil i want to read them! You have to show them to me. ” she said. “Ok! I will. ” he said. “Good! “She said . 

“So whats yours? ” he asked. “I cant get to sleep unless i am huging my tedy bear i had as a kid!” she said. “No! Your kidding? ” he said “no im serious.  ” she said.he laughed.  “I had no idea. ” he said.

“So do you see us maried as something that probibly will happen?” she asked. “I do. I am open to the posibility that the lord could close the door.  Right now i am fairly confident that it wil happen. Is that how you feel?” he asked.

“It is. I was suprised by your wording.it was very definitive.  Certin.i had no idea you were that confident of this! “She said.

He hugged her. ” you are so special to me.i really beleve that the lord has brought us together. I dont understand it but i believe that.” he told her. 

She knew that he ment it. “I believe that too. It does not make sence. I think your right. ” she said. 

After lunch they played volly ball. They played a few rounds. Then they  decided to rest for a bit. “So did you mind answering my questiones?”she asked. “No not at all. “He said.”you opened uo quite a bit. I was suprised by your honesty. I appreciate it. I feel like i really do know more then i did. “She said.

“I feel the same way. Even though you wrote the quesrione. I senced the honesty. You risked being vanerable. I appreciate that.  ” he told her.

After a while she decided that she should head back. “I hate this part of the evening! ” she told him. “I know exactly what you mean.  I will miss you.”he said. 

He hugged her. He watched her get in the car and go. When she got home,she called him. ” hi hunnie,i made it home!”she said.”i am glad. I always worry”he said.

“Someday when i go home,i am taking you with me!”she said.”i cant wait!”he said. “I will talk to you later.goodnight. “she said. “You too.”he said. 

End of part 7

Next up sadie and becky hang out. 


Aranged mariege part three 

Jenny and James arived at the cabin. They unpacked then sat down on the couch.neither one knew what to say. They tried but could not get the words out. They sat in silence for a little bit. ” This is awkward!”he said. “It really is. “She said.”think we will unable to talk to each other?”she asked. “I hope not. I guess we will have to work on it. It may take time. “He said. “It may.”she said.

“I guess I was not what you expected.”she remarked.”no your not.i suppose I am not what you exoected?”he asked.”not really? “She said.”did you expect me to be passive? “He asked.”no but Manny united Methodist pastors husband’s are. I don’t really know why?”she said in a tounge in cheek fasson.he laughed then she laughed. Neither one expected that. He began to suspect that she was very playful. He found even then his heart was slowly starting to melt. 

“Yes I did expect that you would be a united Methodist or at least a Methodist. Did you expect me to be independent fundimental Baptist and not an ordained minister?”she asked. “I did expect you to be I.f.b and not a minister.”he said.”you wanted a demure women who would not think for herself?”she asked.”no I don’t want someone who is demure.i am open to different idea. I don’t expect you to agree with me all the time. I welcome alternative suggestions. I know I am not always right. I am a sinner saved by grace. I know I am not infallible. I believe I am called to be a leader. A servent leader. I take the servent part very seriously!”he told her. 

“Are you commited to this?”she asked.he looked into her eyes. He took her hand and squzed it. “Yes I am commited to you. I made a promise to the Lord and to your Perents and to you. I take that serious. I know what to make rash vows. I believe that the Lord brought us together. I trust him. I believe that the Lord brought us together. I don’t understand it. I also believe that he wants me to live up to those vows.the Bible is clear not to make rash vows. I want to do this. Yes I am committed. Are you commited to this?”he asked.

She smilled. “Yes I am. I am nervous. This is now quite what I expected but yes I am commited to this and to you.”she said. “What are you nervous about?”he asked. ” Nervous that I will never meet your expectations. I guess I am nervous that you will ashamed of me. I fear you will never accept me. I fear that you will never respect me. I fear that we won’t ever really connect. “She said. 

“There is no denying that we are both out of our comfort zone. This is not at all what either of us expected. ” He said. “That is very true . ” She said. “We will have to work at this. I expect it will take hard work. Perhaps harder then we ever expected. ” He said. “Yea I am beginning to see that. They say the best marieges are the ones that take work. The ones that both sides are committed to making it work no matter what. What destroy us instead make our relationship stronger. Perhaps that can happen with us. Perhaps it will. I definitely hope so. “She said. 

He started to see that there were two  side of Jenny. Two complete wholes. One was the strong Jenny. The leader,the administrator. The alpha,the go getter. The anilitical stoic at times. Then there was the other Jenny. This was a softer more emotional person. A person who was very sensitive. Fragile perhaps. Both sides were all hear. She was both of these personalities.botg of these gestalts if you will.he saw her at first as only the minister Jenn not the personal Jenn. He started to see that side of her. She was starting to let him see that side of her. It was part intentional and part unintentional. 

“I am out of my comfort zone. I did expect you to be I.f.b. I did not expect you to be demure but I expected we would have the same experiences. We will have the same base.th same starting point as far as core values. “He said.”I know exactly what you need.now we are not even sure where our starting point is.”she said”yes I can definitely see that. “He said. “The early days will be hard. They could also be the most important. It could be worse. I could be ucc or unitarian . ” She said. “Very true! ” He said. They both laughed. 

“So  according to Wikipedia,united Methodist is both mainline and evengelical?” He asked. “Yes. I guess we are slightly towards the liberal end of evengelical. We are still evengelical I would say. So independent fundimental Baptist don’t consider themselves prostistent? “She asked.”there is differences of opinion of that. I personally believe in a principial view of Baptist history.i believe that a Baptist principle had excited back to the early church. I don’t believe in landmark view that is almost a Baptist succession form peater. I don’t believe that Baptist are prostistent. In fact Baptist were under instence persicution commonly over the baptism isue.”he said. 

“You like church history? “She asked. “I do. Baptist history is an interest in particular.mostly because it is not that well known even by fellow Baptist. It plays into Baptist theology as well. Do you like church history?”he asked.”very much so. I like history overall. I was interested in church history before college but college grew that passion definitely.”she said. 

“So, do you believe in diety of Christ?” He asked. “Yes I do.” She said. ” Salvation by faith alone?” He asked. “I do believe that salvation is by faith alone apart from works. ” She said. ” Is there salvific truth in other religions?”he asked. ,”You had to ask that one? No I do not believe that there is salvific truth in other religions. “She said. “Few! Is the Bible literal?”he asked. “Yes .I do believe that the Bible is literal. I believe that it is the word of God cover to cover!”she said. “Just not the part about pastors being males.!”he said! “I should have known that you would go there. First Timothy does mention male pastors or elders but there is no command that a pastor must be male. The husband of one wife is an example not a command.”she declared.”um I don’t know about that! I think it is clear form the text that leadership in the church is to be male. “He said “to answer your questions yes I do take the Bible literily.”she said. ” I take it you listen to contemporary Christian music.”he remarked. “I do! K love is my favorite radio station. I listen to secular music as well. I take it you are hyms only?”she asked. “I am.i don’t listen to ccm. “He said. “I assume you don’t watch TV?”she asked! “No I assume you do?”he asked.”I do . I love Star trek and crime dramas.”she said. Star trek? A nerd as well?”he asked.”I bit. I like sports as well. I was captian of the seminary volley ball team.i take it you were probably captian of the debate team?”she asked.”pretty much. I was on the Bible college soft ball game but it was intermural.i love sports but I should definitely not give up my day job.”he said. They both laughed. 

They both made each other laugh. Even though they were taken a back by each other,they were very playful. They seam to enjoy being in each other’s company. Despite there differences,they were starting to become closer. That was becoming more and more clear . 

“What do you want me to be like?”she asks.”well I don’t want to change you. I want to get to know you. I am not trying to transform you into a clone of me. I am not turn you into me .What is the phrase resistnce is futile?I am not like that. I really not that strict. I am but I am easy going as well. “He said. “OK you do upright but I think I can work with you?”she said in a joking Mannie.”you really think I’m upright?”he asked.”slightly but not too rigid. “She told him. They laughed. 

He hugged her. She held on to him. He put his arm around her. They both knew it was not going to be easy. They were both wiling to give it a chance. After a while they decided to call it a night. It had been a long day. They were both exchausted. They both fell asleep. 

The next morning he woke up. He was bright at first. After a few minutes if just sitting in bed,he got to the point that he was not going to fall back asleep. He started to get up.”what are you doing?”she askd. ” I was going to put the cofee on!” He said. ” What time is it? ” She asked. “A little after seven.” He said. ” Oh OK!  Please tell me your not like John Wesley?”she remarked. You need if I wake up at four am I feel like my faith is slipping? No I am not. “He said.”,glad to hear it.” She said. “You drink coffee ?”he askd. “I do.”she said. 

He kissed her cheek. He went to the small kitchen area.he out wetter into the pot. He out in the cofee and turned it on. She came into the small kitchen.she was still a bit groggy. “Good morning hunnie! “He said. “Morning . Not sure if it is good.”she said. He hugged her.”not a morning person?”he askd.”not at all. “She said. “I suspected as much!”he said.  ” Your not a morning person are you?” She asked. ” I think I am not of a morning person then you are.i do enjoy sleeping in. “He Said. “That is good.”,she said.

“,So what is on the agenda today?”she asked. “I figured we would have a simple breakfast. Muffins. Church starts at ten. We are not going to do a lot of jumping and dicing but a little bit.tomrow will be a little more laid back.i know this is our hunnie moon.”he said.” I figure we are going to a Fundy church?”she askd. “Yes.”he said.”OK! I will give it a chance!,”she Said. They had a light breakfast then got ready to go. 

End of part three 

“New convert “part three

Chapter two
“The son of the pastor.”
Nicholas James Brandon was the oldest son of pastor David and Kathy barret Brandon. Nick had been saved at a young age.
He grew up In the church. It was in high school that he got serious about the Lord. He decided to go to bible school. He felt led to be a pastor like his farther.
He remembered hearing about a young lady who started coming to church. He mentioned her in pray time in the dorm and at prayer meeting. He was happy when she made a decision for Christ.
He met her a few times before while on break.now he was home for the Sumer. Well at least until he start his Sumer ministry.
He was happy to have a few weeks off before He went to work at a Sumer camp. He knew that the weeks before he left would hardly be a vacation. He would be buisy preaching,teaching ,going on visitation and door to door.  Everyone would be happy to see him. He did not like being the center of attention. He knew most of those in the church sense he was young and he liked them but he did not like all the attention.
Everyone wanted to see him.he was certain that he had talked to everyone in the church. There was one person he had not talked to.
It was at the desert table that he met her. She was funny. He lost all tract of time when he talked to her.he found her easy to talk to.
Neither one realized that almost everyone had gone home . when they saw the near empty room,they realized that it might be time to leave.
He went to the parsonege. “Nick can I talk to you?”his farther asked.”of course dad!”he said.
“Some in the church expresed some concern about your talking to Kelly!”David Brandon said. “I wanted to get to know her. I had never really talked to her before. “He told his farther.
“She is stil a New Christian. Her walk with the Lord is stil developing. She had made incredible strides. The Lord has done a good work in her no doubt . I am confident that this will continue until the day of Christ. She has a way to go as we all do. “He said.
He added,”you have always comported yourself very well. Sometimes I think you were born forty. You are still male. You are a guy and she is a girl. You are on a different tract. “He said.
“I just met her today. This was the only time that we have talked. I really do not know her. “Nick said.
“I understand that. You did not do anything wrong or inapropriate but some might misinterpret it. Perhaps it would be best to back off for a bit! Don’t let anyone despise thy youth. The Lord wants to use you. I believe there is much for you to do. “He said.
Nick was not sure what to do. He believed in being above bored in words and action. He took holiness very seriously. He believed in avoiding the appearance of evil. He believed that it was important to not do anything that could be misconstrued.
At the same time he believed that the church is made up of everyone in it. Everyone is vital. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord. Everyone plays a vital role in the body of Christ. Ephesians.Romans and first Corinthians make that clear.
Kelly as a blood bought child of God had a role to play .the Lord saves people and gives them a part to play. She had a part to play.
Ad someone who was not around her,she saw her in a different light.he did not see her pree salvation. He did not see her in the early days of her walk with God.he was glad of that. He could judge her as she was now. It was easier for him to see progress.
He did not want to disrespect his parents. He valued the consil of both his parents.they were wise and godly. He valued there wisdom.he wanted to talk to her more. He found her refreshing. Perhaps he should back off.
They went back to church that night. It was for the evening service. Nick was preaching that night. He continued the theme he preached on in the morning.
The problem for Nick was that he felt like he was preaching to himself how could he reconcile his father’s request and the fact that Kelly was a part of the church. He felt like he was a hiprocrit.
After the message,he joined his farther at the door. He engaged the church people as they left. They ecpresed how much they liked his message. He tried to always give God the glory.
He was frall at times. he enjoyed accolades. He tried to remember that the only Prase that really mattered was please from the Lord.
He saw Kelly in the line. He smiled when he saw her. His thoughts betrayed him.he hoped that his father did not see it.
He had no idea why he had that reaction. He did not intend to smile when he saw it. It just happened. Well that was how he saw it.
He shock hands and engaged in mostly smal talk with people as they walked out. Then Kelly came.
He felt like he was being watched.both by his Dad and by those in the back. He found it uncomfortable. He tried to not show it. It felt like time had literally stoped.
He shock her hand. There eyies met.”you gave me s lot to think about!”she said .”I am glad!”he said
Kelly avoided phrases like I enjoyed your message. She did not like empty words. She really did find the message thought provoking and challenging.she wanted him to know that. She wanted him to know that his message was used by the Lord.
She sensed that the Lord was preparing him for service. She sensed that the Lord had a plan for his life perhaps beyond what he himself was aware of.
“I hope that the Lord did use me to speak to hearts. “Nick told her. She agreed.she shock the hand of the elder Brandon . she left .she went I. Her car and drove off.
Nick played basket balm with his dad and brother. Then he did some bible study.
That night he had difficulty falling asleep that night. He thought about Kelly. He began to suspect that she would factor in his life. He was not sure how but he sensed she was.he was not ready to tell anyone.
She had no clue about any of this.she found him interesting. She saw him as humble,wise and godly. She did not see anything beyond that. She had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.  This was a begining . of what was unclear.
End of chapter.

New convert chapter one

New convert
Chapter one when pastor’s son meats girl.
Nicholas Brandon was the oldest of five kids. He had a brother and two sisters. Nick ‘s farther had pastered gospel Baptist church sense his farther founded the church when he was six years old.
Nick got heavily involved in the church . he had run the church’s sound syistom. He had bean a song leader as well.
He felt called to preach as his dad was. He preached his first surmon at age 15.
He was a student at An independent fundinentle Baptist church in north Carolina. He was going into his junior year. He was not home for very long or very often. Not nearly as often  as his mom would like.
He came home for a few weeks before he was off to Christian camp for most of the summer.
Kelly did not get all the fuss that was made about his return. The church was excited to see there favorite son. Many in the church knew Nick when he was little. They watched him go from a slightly michevious boy who got a little too exited to a mature Godly man who emplified intregrety.
Kelly knew nothing about any of that. He had been away at school or involved in some summer ministry . all she knew of him was the stories. The legend of Nick was strong. Kelly was not as caught up in all the hub bub associated with his return. She had no connection to him. She thought she might have met him in the early days.
Nick was preaching in his father’s place. She was disipounted that his farther was not preaching.he was doing a series on every time the bible uses the phrase,”I shall be there God and ye shall be my people!” she was enjoying the series and regretted that it was being interrupted.
She liked the younger brandon’s message. It was in how everyone in the church was called to ministry.she knew that that was true. She was not quite sure how she fit in into the scheme of things in the church.
After the messege there was a church fellowships. Kelly quickly learned that a church fellowship was Baptist speak for a dinner. She discovered many church functions was centered around food.
She did not really want to stay for the dinner. She knew that everyone will want her to. She decided to.
She felt like an outcast. She was not like them. Her first 19 years were strict adherence to worldly values. She had no church background prior to the first visit to g.b.c. she had a combination of instant transformation and slow process. Some worldly habits had not been conqured as quickly as some in the church would prefer.
She did not live in the culture of the church.she did not know the unwritten rules. Many in the church had grown up in this church or a like minded church. She often felt out of place.
Ususly she enjoyed these diners. There were Manny in the church she enjoyed . this dinner was different. The attention was all on Nick. Everyone talked to Nick.Nick was the center of attention. She felt more of an outsider then she had before. She just wanted it to be over. She would stay until it was polite to leave.
She found it hard to talk to people today. When she did,everyone talked about Nick .she felt awful.she just wanted to go home.
She went over to the desert table.she did not feel like desert nut decided to get a small peace. There he was Nick.
He was tall. He had brown hair. He was clean shaven. He still had a Tie on but had removed the jacket.his selves were rolled up. She figured he would have no interest in her. She did not want to be rude.
“Hi”she said in a slightly uninterested curtisy manor. “Hello you must be Kelly!”Nick said. “That’s me!”She replied. “I have heard a lot about you!”he told Her.”oh no!”she said. “My dad told me about this girl who starting coming. My dorm bible study prayed for you. We were prety excited when you got saved !”he said. “I did not know that! “She said.
“My dorm bible study included at least eight different churches all over the country. A lot of people we’re praying for you!”Nick said.”I had no idea! Makes sense. It was nit long ago that I was the old me. It seams like a million years ago!” she said.
“That is the power of the holy sprit. Its prety incredible!”Nick said. “It is. I have seen it first hand !” she said. He invited her over to a table. They Sat down.
“So! You had no contact with church before you got the John Romans packet?”Nick asked. “None. I probably did but I don’t remember. I was not an atheist st least I would not think if myself as one. It just did not factor in to my life. “She said.
“How did you react when you first got a packet?”he asked. “I threw it in the trash. I was not interested. I found out later That the lady who put the packet In my mailbox felt compelled to give me another one. This one I did read. I did not accept it right away .the word did not return void. “She said.
“When we pass out tracts,we never know what impact they will have. Some times we never know this side of heaven !”Nick said. “I am glad Kathy listened to that stil smal voice telling her to deliver that second packet. “She said.
“Atnt you warm? It is in the eighty and your Waring a long sleeve shirt!”he commented. “I have tattoo on both arms. Some in the church are a little uncomfortable with them!”she saidm.
“So you roost so they can be comfortable. Even though most already know. “He said.”I am uncomfortable that they are uncomfortable!”she said. She was shocked that she had said it. She realized she just blew any chance of being friends with Nick .
“Understandible. “He said. “Man does look on the outside I am afraid”she afraid. She decided she had blown it with him so she decided to speak her mind.
“They should not. All who are in Christ are in Christ. It is not right or fair. “He said.”I figured you would agree with them. Tatoos seam to have been condemned in Leviticus. I have not gotten any sense I was saved. Should Christians have tattoos,I have no clue!”she said.
“I am with you there. It is unclear. It is  not a big deal. God desires all to be saved. All Christians who are. Are eaquil in His eyes.” Nick said.
“Do you really feel that way?” she asked. “I do! I would not say it if I did not. I don’t mince words Kell. “Nick said. “I am glad to hear that !”she said.
They kept talking for a long time. Almost every else had left. They decided they should leave. “It was good to meet you!”She said. “I am glad I got a chance to talk to you. “He told her.
Kelly was mad at herself.she thought She blew a chance to be friends with Nick. Nick felt the opposite. He was quite impresed with her. He hoped for a chance to get to know her more.
End of chapter one. .